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    A new find for good food and setting - Teldolap Cafe & Restaurant, Gumusluk

    On recommendation of friends we visited this one year old establishment for dinner during our recent 'villa opening up' trip. Set high above Gumusluk (find the roundabout obn the Gumusluk to bodrum road, take a left and follow the signs, keep going up, even though the road becomes a track...
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    Teldolap Restaurant

    Hi We have been told about a restaurant called Teldolap in Karakaya near Gumusluk. Has anyone been and give an opinion on it? Thanks Griff / Dawn
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    WE went up to a new restaurant last night with a few friends it is called Teldolop it is up beside karakaya village,very nice place good food and the views are to die for, ps they dont serve pork!
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