1. M

    Groupon TEFL courses

    Has anyone done a TEFL course more specifically the Groupon 120 hour online course. Its advertises at a good price at the moment so I'm wondering if its worth doing .I keep getting asked to teach neighbours children and friends of my husband's children but I know nothing about teaching .I don't...
  2. C

    TEFL issues

    I was wondering if anyone ever met a non-native english speaker who teaches/taught english abroad?
  3. E

    Need TEFL Certificate

    I have been working here in Istanbul for a while now teaching English to foreign students, but the general consensus seems to be that a TEFL Certificate is needed. I have applied at a local language centre this morning for instance and they suggested I go online and qualify for one. I have been...
  4. J

    TEFL teacher.

    Having gained my qualifications as a TEFL teacher, junior and secondary levels. I have also qualified to teach TEFL Business English. Would anyone know of schools , university, in Didim area I could apply to work. I have had property in Didim since 2006.
  5. T

    Advice needed on obtaining a TEFL cert

    Hello all, I'm in need of obtaining a TEFL certification for my current job so I may get my work permit. Any suggestions on the best and most affordable way to do so. Also I'd like to get the certification as quick as possible so I can get my permit in process ASAP. Thanks in advance for...
  6. K

    Anyone interested in doing TEFL with me?

    There's a very good course starting in September in the old city and I'm looking for a few people to come on board so we can ask for a group discount. Its a serious course, led by a former uni professor from Akdeniz university and a native English speaker from London. This is a 1 month full...
  7. angiesco

    TEFL Antalya

    Hello everyone I am hoping to do a TEFL course. I have googled and have found Amerikan Kultur Derneği and The language House. Has anyone ever completed an on-site course in Antalya with either of them? Are there any others on offer that I haven't found? Any help or advice appreciated...
  8. I

    TEFL or Dental Hygienist..

    Hello all, I will be in Istanbul for a few months starting this March. If things work out well, I'm hoping to get a different visa and stay for longer. Obviously, I would need a job if I plan to live in Turkiye for any extended amount of time. Here in the US, I'm a Dental Hygienist. I was told...
  9. A

    TEFL Teachers needed for Moscow & China

    I'm currently recruiting TEFL Teachers for China and Moscow. Whilst most of you must be thinking 'ahem.. we are looking for work here in Turkey... and this is a Turkey related Board'.... I would like to firstly apologise... and then ask if anybody knows of any TEFL Trained Teachers that would...
  10. A

    TEFL Teachıng

    Hı Guys ! I am thınkıng perhaps of movıng out to Antalya and would lıke to know ıf anyone can tell me what type of salary you would expect to earn teachıng englısh as a foreıgn language? I know there are a few ınternatıonal schools and would anyone know what kınd of salary to expect? I have a...
  11. R

    TEFL Teaching

    Hi There Have any of you good folk out there on the forum ever taught English in Turkey? I'm hoping to get some work around the Dalaman area. I was wondering what experiences people have had teaching out there. I have a degree and a TEFL cetificate and would like to teach small groups or...
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