1. teosgirl

    UK teens

    Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys are hired by TEENAGERS in deprived London borough to 'show off' at their school prom | Mail Online Following on from the other discussion regarding the 16 year old who was (according to some) groomed by a Turkish barman. I'd like to start a discussion...
  2. J

    Education of 2 teens in Antalya?

    Hi there! Can someone please tell me about the educational system in Antalya? My youngest daughter will be in 9th and my oldest girl will be in 11th grade. They do not speak any Turkish- what are our options? Can they go to a public school? I can't see how they would be able to since they...
  3. P


    two teenagers wander into some bushduring a game of footie and start kissing, after a while the boy says"i think we should go all the way." but i`m a virgin says the girl and i`ve heard it hurts. anyway what if everyone hears us."if it hurts ,make noises like a cow and i will stop says the...
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