1. yalimart

    Teddy Sherringham ! it just cant be true !

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-XsRJU-LGo Couldn't resist Martin
  2. John LeNeve

    British sleeping with teddy bear

    So a story just came over CNN here in the US stating that 35% of British adults "take a teddy bear to bed with them" Travelodge survey reveals 35 per cent of British adults still take a teddy to bed with them | Mail Online Anyone want to fess up? :ukflag:
  3. ceemac

    Erdogan throws teddy out...

    From Liveleak.com LiveLeak.com - Turkish PM Lashes Out At Israeli President During Gaza Debate,Walks Off Stage. C
  4. T

    Teddy Kebab

    Hi everyone, We have recently joined forum and love it. I though I would just let you all know an amusing story as to where the name 'teddy kebab' came from. Well, we recently visit :kafa: ed Turkey for the 1st time and wanted to look for a property. A week before we left the U.K. I thought it...
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