1. J

    TEDAS Penalty??

    Wonder if anyone can help - a friend of mine has moved into a rented apartment and had just received her first electricity bill. From the units used it appears she is being charged over double the normal rate! I do know that the previous tenants were late in paying their bill and were cut off...
  2. G

    How to pay Tedas

    Can someone confirm this please? I will have danish kroner with me. "Turkish money is a convertible one but DO NOT exchange your money to Turkish lira's in your home town, the rate you get is much lower than what you get in Turkey. You could easily exchange money on arrival at airports or...
  3. altinkum kev

    Compensation from Aydem (Tedas) ?????

    Does any one out there know whether you can make a claim for compensation against Aydem for damage caused by a power serge? ive lost 3 air con units 2 power packs for comp and house alarm, water pump, heater, and power washer.and various other small electrical items.
  4. S

    TEDAS nightmare!!!!

    We have received an electricity bill from Tedas for 1.579,95 (£667) which we paid last week (approx 18th August) plus we have received another one for £85 to be paid on the 7th September. We have had no one in our apartment since October 2008 and have rented it out for 44 days this year from...
  5. maggie


    Our sitesi is in the process of changing from wotever electricity supplier we have at the moment to tedas. We have been told we will no longer recieve a electric bill each month from the Baskant on our sitesi. However we havennt been told how we will recieve a bill or where indeed we pay this...
  6. labman

    Has Tedas changed their name

    Hi all, I have been told that Tedas have changed their name, is this correct and if so does anyone know what the new name is? Cheers LM
  7. C

    tedas fines for late payment

    hi all i am not sure if anyone can answer the question i have i am on the understanding that if you do not pay your electricity bill in full on the date stated then you get a late payment fee added or interest payment i have heard it called both. what i wanted to know is this fee based on the...
  8. carolk

    Tedas and Santiye Mesken

    Hi Having recently got all my paperwork together with the help of the good folks on here I went to the Tedas with my Tapu and Hab cert to get off the builders rate (santiye mesken). I had paid 380ytl to have the elec put in my name in Dec. After telling me that all was OK now and I was on...
  9. S

    Help Power of Attorney - Tedas

    The electric on our site has been changed over from the builder to individual property owners. Problem is most of the owners live in UK, so having been advised to arrange Power of Attorney (to someone here) through a Notary in the UK, when this document with copies of tapu & passport were taken...
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