1. S

    Question As a software developer which is the best city in Turkey to lives in

    Hello, I decided to spend couple months in Turkey and work from there. I am software engineer and I would like to meet and gather with software engineers and crypto developers. I know it sound a weird question but really I am looking for an answer.
  2. D

    Isn’t technology wonderful!

    We used to have desktop computers for serious work in comfort, laptop computers for fairly serious work where portability was needed, tablets where space and weight were severely limited, and mobile phones where you need a pocketable device. So far so good. Then along came texting. This...
  3. jandj

    Technology required.

    Watching Chelsea vs PSG tonight has hammered home for me the need for technology to be urgently injected into the game. If I wanted to watch grown men grapple with each other, fall over and pretend they're in pain, then I'd watch WWE. Football is so out of date regarding technology. Last big...
  4. juco

    Technology isnt everything

  5. I

    Internet, Internet and Internet!!!

    Hi, My name's Ibrahim and let me tell you a bit about myself before continuing. I was born in Marmaris and then things happened so when I was 3 my family moved to England, Stayed there for 10 years so I know fluent English, Moved back to Turkey when I was 13. I am 14 now and still struggling to...
  6. Jaycey

    Technology … Bwaaa!

  7. S

    New technology

    I always think that new technology in the wrong hands is simply not real progress!!!
  8. Jaycey

    Wireless technology

  9. mollag

    Technology, good or bad? [ a not boring thread]

    Are you fed up with trying to keep up with technology, do you pine for 45's and tellies that needing warming up or do you embrace the whole new religion that technology has become, discuss while I put a new ribbon on this Olympia compact.;) Anyone who would recommend the paperless environment...
  10. TNT123

    Photo Technology at its Best

    This is amazing....... Hong Kong at Dusk (I haven't a clue how this can happen!) Place your cursor at the top of the photo. You will notice it is 6:10 PM. Bring the mouse down slowly over the photo without pressing the button on the mouse. Do not right or left click. Night time appears...
  11. E

    Technology In Turkey question

    What are the types of communications technology available to most people in their daily lives (for example, TV, computers, cell phones, Internet…) How much of a difference is there between rural and urban areas in availability and use of technology?
  12. C

    Ancient Technology

    I had thought to change Aussie and American to Aborigine and Eskimo, rather than upset any of you sensitive souls out there, but hey who cares. After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, Australian scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 200 years and came to the conclusion...
  13. G

    advances in technology

  14. C

    goal line technology

    it now seems highly unlikely that anything will happen soon as sepp blatter is demanding an instant replay within 1 second!
  15. Yogi

    Goal line Technology

    They have it in Rugby, Cricket, Tennis (and no doubt some others), why not in Football? You would think with all the money in Football it would be a no-brainer. Mind you after todays debacle I can't see it making much difference to the FT score today.
  16. ceemac

    Technology advances means anyone could be listening

    In a television interview last year, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was asked if he was concerned about his phone being tapped. 'What do you think? Of course,' Erdogan answered. 'Therefore I watch what I say over the phone. I'm not comfortable speaking over the phone. I tell people...

    Brilliant new windscreen technology.

    Having owned 2 windscreen replacement business's over the last 30 years & being a MASSIVE BTCC fan,i just had to show you this. Watch,comment & tell me what you think of the idea. Let the advert run first, & take great note of the info in the vid.!! New prescription windscreen's unveiled The...
  18. ceemac

    Turkish Clubs To Adopt Scouting Technology?

    As transferring star players in the global football business proves to be more expensive with each season, scouting for young talent becomes evermore important. Scout7, a computer-based system to scout talented young players in the world, is popular among the world's biggest clubs these days...
  19. merlin

    Googles Technology Playground....

    Google has taken a step towards becoming a portal by enhancing the features on its front page. That new page is found at and allows users to customise an entry page in much the same way that MSN and Yahoo users already can. Some of the features available for access are an...
  20. S

    Mobile Phone Technology

    I have a Vodaphone 3G data card for my laptop, does anyone know if it will work in Fethiye and if it will what the local service providers charge for downloads?
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