1. suzyq

    Deaf man moved to tears

    Even though the deaf man was unaware he was being film as part of an advert until the end it does show what a difference it made to him. Samsung video reveals deaf man's neighbourhood has learnt sign language to talk to him | Daily Mail Online
  2. bickern

    Father's tears for murdered family

    My heart goes out to this guy. I really can't comprehend how he is feeling especially when he heard of his wife's last words to save her children. I hope the guilty ones are amongst those arrested and when they get to court they throw away the key...
  3. perfect1949

    ouch enough to bring tears to your eyes

    Man with a ring stuck on his penis had to be cut free by 10 firefighters | Metro.co.uk . dave
  4. shirleyanntr

    will it all end in tears

    i see that RTE is riding a wave of popularity among the Arab countries he has visited this week. His usual bombastic style is in full throttle as he castigates İsrael which is a sure crowd puller. His assertion that democracy and İslam are compatible in the long term remains to be seen. İ...
  5. A

    Tears of Gaza

    Tears of Gaza (Gazze'nin gözyaşları) documentary Trailer: YouTube - ‪TEARS OF GAZA!!!![GAZZE'N?N GÖZYA?LARI]‬‏ YouTube - ‪Children of Gaza documentary part 1/6‬‏
  6. S

    No Tears

    As the latest slaughter of the innoccents starts ( granted in a worthwhile oil grabbing zone) lets have no stories about those ending up in Wooten Basset dying for democracy This is proablly the most blatant land (oil) grab I have seen in my lifetime Within days of mugs losing their lives...

    Marine mom

    DENİZ ANNE MARINE MOM Gül dedi deniz hafifçe, ay duymaz iniltilerle Ne var bu kadar üzülecek, kalsanda o derdinle? Bir kuş ölse umurundamı göklerin, gözyaşı kendine Bir çiçeğin soluşundanmı sanırsın yer sallanır günlerce Yüreğindeki fırtınaysa ben neyleyim, nedir çektiğim ömrümce? the sea...
  8. P

    End in tears maybe?

    YouTube - Jackie Evancho America's Got Talent YouTube Auditions HQ Aug 10, 2010 JacKie EVancho! Just been on the news.
  9. B

    brought tears of laughter to my eyes...

    june 1 news,a bit late and probably andy chapman has posted this.... :) German impaled on plunger A German almost died after using a sink plunger as a bath plug and impaling himself after slipping on a bar of soap. Dieter Bayer, 79, who moved to Switzerland with his wife Frieda after he...
  10. S

    For Jen ..... Tears in heaven

    For Jen … Tears in heaven This song for you, because today it would have been your 48th Birthday , and because you are in heaven also…... Canım, I miss you very much….. Tears In Heaven " Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven? Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven? I...
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