1. kemerkid

    Tear gas exports to Turkey

    During the almost one-month-long Gezi protests, which spread all across Turkey, more than 10,000 people were injured, with some losing an eye, due to the excessive use of tear gas, water cannon and plastic bullets, based on data from the Ankara-based Human Rights Association (İHD). According to...
  2. arrian

    Turkish council tear roof off Brit familys home

    council said roof was 40cm to high British couple furious as Turkish council tears roof from their holiday home | Mail Online
  3. I

    Fun with tear gas (anti-IMF demos today)

    My lawyer and I were in Istiklal when the protestors were in full swing and being on the wrong end of a pepper spray/tear gas is no fun believe me:( It didn't get us full on but we were caught in its tail wind which was bad enough. One man died of a heart attack and I saw him being rushed to...
  4. R

    June Sheds a Tear...

    If you have read about Dalyan you would have found out that Kaptain June played a big part in making how special Dalyan is today. She helped saved Iztuzu beach - the turtle breeding ground from having a luxury hotel built on it. She has written many books about her stories and life in Dalyan...
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