1. Freedom 49

    My Bobby's Teapot.

    Back in 1993, my daughter & I were treated to a week away by friends of ours who were, and still are Methodist Ministers. They fully accepted my Atheism as we'd been friends for many years but insisted on taking us to their annual conference at a place called Quinta in North Wales. They...
  2. Lindy

    Turkish tea using Turkish Teapot

    I have made a purchase of a traditional turkish teapot and glasses etc. as I much prefer drinking out of these and love the Turkish tea. Any tips from anyone who uses one of these would be much appreciated along with what tea to buy - can it be tea bags (Turkish not English tea)or is loose...
  3. P

    Turkish Teapot in the UK?

    Can you purchase Turkish Teas + Kettle/Pot in UK (Wigan/Manchester/Liverpool Area) I am trying to cut down on my wine consumption in the evening - and also live healthier. I enjoyed having tea when I was in Altinkum in March looking at property. I've looked online but can't find anything.
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