1. Yalides

    Your teams

    Know we have have done it before years ago but which football teams do you support/follow in UK, Turkey. Ladies can take part if you wish.... For me its Everton and Fenerbahce.
  2. S

    Your own teams WORST ever player

    Whos the WORST player the team you support have ever had? As a Celtic fan I am spoilt for choice this season and am tempted to say the whole current squad but I will select the the consistently pathetic Anton Rogan What about the rest of you?
  3. Yalides

    Turkish football teams

    Anyone support any of the Turkish teams ? Fenerbahce for me.
  4. B

    Football League teams in Altinkum

    Hi Folks. Can anyone give any info on football teams in Altinkum/Didum? Is there any that play in the Turkish League? I notice on the map that there is a stadium. Is it feasible to attend matches there? Many thanks Bri
  5. cirali

    Antalya's lack of indoor pools for sports activities, teams and swimmers

    I just wrote this piece for the gumbet forum and I thought I would like to share it the the Antalya forum. Believe it or not here in Antalya ( large city with a big population ) still does not have a decent indoor swimming pool. Sure there are plenty of 5 star hotels with pools that also charge...
  6. cnapes

    local footy teams

    Does anybody know of any local footy teams to join out there close to altinkum? after all think it would be good to mix english football and turkish football! Is it me or is this site (tlf) addictive? :)
  7. david & emma

    Football Teams! "Whos Yours?"

    Which football team do you support? And how are they doing? My team is Blackburn Rovers (doing well at the min) also follower of Accrington Stanley (doing V well!)
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