1. Tenpin

    Info Working In Turkey - Teaching Work Permit Inquiries

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. J

    English teaching job wanted

    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Azizun Nessa (my friends also call me Julie) . Earlier this year my husband and myself moved to Konyaalti, we have been coming to Antalya for over 15 years, we bought a holiday home here a few years ago and because we loved the country and people so...
  3. A89

    Teaching English vacancy.

    If any native English speaker is interested in teaching English 8 hours a week up to September and then more hours after that. Alanya centrum. please PM me. I'm told a work permit will be provided. alison
  4. Mushtaq

    Turkey will stop teaching evolution in schools

    Turkish schoolchildren will no longer be taught about evolution, a government official has said, in another sign of the conservative direction the country is heading in under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Alpaslan Durmus, the head of curriculum for the ministry of education, said that...
  5. K

    Teaching in Antalya

    Hi, I am thinking of working in Turkey at the Bahcesehir Kolejleri private school. Can anyone inform me if this establishment has a good reputation, I am having trouble finding reviews post 2007. Thanks, KIM
  6. suzyq

    Stop teaching children how to spell because smartphones can do it for them

    Spelling lessons should be scrapped because children can correct mistakes on their mobile phone or computer, a university professor has claimed. Sugata Mitra, professor of educational technology at Newcastle University, said that good grammar was necessary 'maybe 100 years ago' but 'not right...
  7. N

    Teaching English

    Hey, Not that I am planning on doing this but I want to get the required certification just for the sake of having one for you-never-know-when. From my understanding all that is required is an English GCSE and a TEFL certificate in order to be able to teach in Turkey. Is this true? If not...
  8. Tommie

    Teaching Americans English?

    Wow, it looks like them thar across the pond want to speak english, at last! Is this good news or bad? Britishisms and the Britishisation of American English
  9. shirleyanntr

    HELP Teaching English to Turkish children

    İ would like to have some ideas from our ESL members on lesson plans.:baby: Epat 2008teaches English..and i know there are others...help! . İ'm teaching two girls English...İ started last week they come to me everyday apart from the weekend...for an hour..but it stretches out. So far they can...
  10. C

    help!! teaching children english

    hi to all..need advice please.. my brother is going to a kid 3 months later..beside turkish, he wants to teach his son also english..but has hesitations..what is the best age to start to teach him english?? how is the best way?? is it going to be hard for kid to grow up with learning 2 different...
  11. G

    Online English Teaching - how much?

    Hello! If any of you English teachers out there were offered a position to teaching English online (Skype lessons), how much would you expect to get paid hourly? Would it be different for children and adults? General English and business? Has online teaching taken off yet in Turkey or is it...
  12. bickern

    Teaching Maths in Britain.

    Teaching Maths in Britain. 1. Teaching Maths In 1970 A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100.. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit? 2. Teaching Maths In 1980 A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is 80% of the price. What...
  13. mollag

    Teaching maths in England

    Subject: Teaching Maths in England 1. Teaching Maths In 1970 A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100.. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price. What is his profit? 2. Teaching Maths In 1980 A logger sells a truckload of timber for £100. His cost of production is 80% of the...
  14. H

    teaching at Bodrum Marmara

    hi everyone, My sister has applied for a teaching position at the Bodrum Marmara College. Please could you kindly let me if any of you guys know about the benefit package for teachers at bodrum marmara college. salary, accom etc..... Also any more info about the college and its approach towards...
  15. S

    Teaching in Turkey

    Hi Guys Not sure if this is in the right place?? :) Thinking of teaching. I don't teach at the moment am an Office manager and control sales and hire for a company in the UK. Does any one know what sort of qualifications i would need to be able to teach in Turkey. Would love to work with...

    Life teaching, I'm sharing.

    Proverbs of me :) 1. Easiest way of gain, retain (Kazanmanın en kolay yolu, kaybetmemektir.) 2. The only way to guarantee not to lose is to not fight. (Kaybetmemeyi garanti etmenin tek yolu savaşmamaktır.) 3. Happiness, not deserve who kicking when it comes to the door (Mutluluk, kapısına...
  17. millilove76

    Teaching post available...

    I saw this on the BBC news site, hope i can post the link. A 92 year old British man has been teaching in India/ Pakistan for the past 70 years. He's looking for a replacement as he wants to retire. What an inspirational gentleman. BBC News - Meet the 92 year-old teacher finally calling it a day
  18. E

    Thinking of teaching English

    Hi.. I'm new to Turkish Living forums... so am a little nervous about my first thread. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on teaching English in the Turgutreis area of Bodrum. I was considering giving private tutition lessons or applying to an educational institute like a college or...
  19. teosgirl

    Alevi leaders in court for teaching religion..

    Alevi leaders in court for teaching faith to children in southern Turkey - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review This is a bizaare story. There's a village near Izmir which has a high population of Alevi followers, and doesn't have a mosque at all. I can't understand what law it is they've...
  20. ceemac

    A Brit teaching teachers how to teach

    Many language schools around the city make use of the countless number of foreigners who have decided to make a home here. Teaching English almost seems like a prerequisite to being an expat in Turkey, but few people have dedicated their time and focus so fully to the goal. Here C
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