1. Tenpin

    Teacher who claims to be Jesus suspended

    Tempting to post this under 'idiot of the week' ..... but decided he's probably not an idiot :wow: Teacher who claims to be Jesus suspended - Turkey News
  2. A

    Lookıng for English teacher

    Looking for kindergarten English teacher also English native speaker. you can send your CV to this e-mail address, info at modbodrum com
  3. A

    Job Vacancy in Ortaca private school as an English Teacher

    Hi dear friends.My colleque iş looking for a native speaker of English for a private school. Plase contact me if you would like to work.My GSM 05363215667.
  4. M

    Teacher's salary in Turkey

    Does anyone know what is the net salary is of a secondary school teacher in Turkey?
  5. A

    Turkish National English Teacher

    Our English language school in Bolu is looking to employ an English teacher. The successful candidate must be Turkish. Enquiries in English to chrisinan@hotmail.com
  6. A

    English Teacher Job Opportunity

    Our language school in Bolu Turkey is looking to employ an English teacher. This post will be available from 15th June 2015. No teaching experience is necessary as training will be given in the method which we teach. Good salary. Work permit provided by the employer. Excellent working...
  7. Yalides

    Top Teacher

    Super headteacher Rory Fox sacked for being too good | Daily Mail Online Guy does a good job much to the chagrin of the leftie unions.
  8. L

    shopping for work wear

    hello, I wondered if anyone could recommend any good quality shops where I can buy work clothes in Marmaris, suitable for a teacher. I've looked in the bazar like shops but it's all my fashion wear if that makes sense. TIA!
  9. E

    Turkish Language Teacher in Sefakoy

    Dear All, If anyone of you can advice about Turkish Language center or private teacher in Sefakoy.
  10. Harem

    Teacher required

    My friend is looking for a retired ex pat primary school teacher who would be willing to teach a reception-aged child privately in the Kusadasi/Izmir area. Please PM me if you would be willing or know somebody who would. Thank you.
  11. bickern

    indian teacher explains the word F**K

    indian teacher explains the word FUCK - YouTube
  12. B

    Teacher Killed at Leeds School.

    BBC News - Teacher stabbed to death at Leeds school This is a terrible tragedy, and will lead surely to more security in our schools. Bill.
  13. T

    Parent teacher meeting.

    One of the things I don't think I will ever get used to in Turkey, is the way events don't really get organised, they just sort of coalesce. It was the parent-teacher’s meeting at Deniz’s school on Sunday. These meetings are typically Turkish. The teachers sit, two or three to a classroom, in...
  14. eshek

    English teacher

    Hello, We are looking for an english teacher :hail: in the vicinity of Urla. It is for our (nearly) 7 year old son. It would be once or twice a week (out-of-school hours) and would be on a long term basis.
  15. Carolyn

    Was this teacher misguided?

    Here is an article from the good old Daily Mail. I thought primary school children were too young to fast in which case was the teacher misguided or mischief making? Teachers 'denied schoolboy, 10, water on the hottest day of the year to avoid upsetting Muslim pupils during Ramadan' | Mail Online
  16. V

    Job Offer: Native Speaker of English Needed

    Hi all, Is there anyone who would like work as native speaker in our language school in Antalya city center? If there's anyone interested, please pm.
  17. J

    TEFL teacher.

    Having gained my qualifications as a TEFL teacher, junior and secondary levels. I have also qualified to teach TEFL Business English. Would anyone know of schools , university, in Didim area I could apply to work. I have had property in Didim since 2006.
  18. J

    Private Turkish teacher or turkish class required

    hi I am looking to expand my Turkish does anyone know of any person or class that is willing to help me with my Turkish please. I so want to hold conversations with y in laws and family.
  19. D

    Russian teacher native speaker

    hello, i am a turkish med.dr.living and working in konaklı, i need a native russian speaker to teach me russıan simply,because we have lots russıan patients. you can contact me by my mobile 0090, 5079144235, we can speak details face 2 face. thanks alot.dr.bulent.
  20. SLEEPY

    Turkish teacher istanbul

    A buddy of mine has finally decided to get to grips with learning Turkish much to the delight of his bilingual friends who are forever having to translate for him. Could anyone recommend a good Turkish teacher or school in Istanbul. Thanking u in advance.:blowkiss::blowkiss:
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