1. Jaycey

    We should all teach our dogs etiquette

    Le dîner de Mariele - Chien drôle mange à table - YouTube
  2. perfect1949

    that will teach them

    We're coming to get you! Somali pirate boat blown up by chopper as Navy frigate crew arrest 12 | Mail Online this might stop the pirate's now . dave
  3. H

    Professor won't teach student with face veil

    On the Valentine's day I left my office to buy some lunch and walked over the University square. In the middle of the square there were a group of energetic girls dancing zumba, loud music was deafening but it was beautiful, they were incredibly good. There was a crowd of students watching and...
  4. ceemac

    A Brit teaching teachers how to teach

    Many language schools around the city make use of the countless number of foreigners who have decided to make a home here. Teaching English almost seems like a prerequisite to being an expat in Turkey, but few people have dedicated their time and focus so fully to the goal. Here C
  5. D

    Teach The Children

    Teach The Children Damn you farmers of war when you broadcast your seed stay you think for a while the foul fruit of your deed think of who reaps the harvest this year and the next and who pays the toll for your deadly bequest bloody plowmen of hate count your soldiers each day...
  6. H

    Teach yourself/Learn... Turkish for a complete beginner..

    Hi, I am trying to find some good Turkish learning package for beginners. I need to see the words, to hear them (pronunciation) and to get English equivalent at the same time. It must run on my Pc and it must be possible to rip it to my MP3 player. Does anybody have a good experience with any...
  7. claire1976

    Ha,that'll teach me to gloat!

    After my thread yesterday blowing my trumpet that I was recovering well I got home yesterday to a letter from the hospital. My routine blood tests last month have shown markers again, it's almost 3 years since my last operation as a result of markers in my bloods. This means I now have to go...
  8. Mushroom

    You too can teach in 6 months !!

    Another one from the McBrown school of diversionary politics. You can now have the opportunity to be a teacher in just 6 months, cutting the previous record of 12 months down by 40% ( I wanted to reach maths !) Apparently it is thought that it could be an ideal opportunity for those high...
  9. S

    teach myself turkish..

    Im trying to learn Turkish... by myself! I have been searching for a good 'teach yourself' book or textbook that can help me do this. I already speak a few european languages and teach them so the idea of learning a language isnt an issue- neither are breakdowns of grammar etc.. but i am...
  10. bickern

    Foster child to be taken away because couple refuse to teach him about homosexuality

    People sometimes ask me why I have left UK. While I do not have a disagreement with gay rights etc or feel in anyway I should treat someone different because they are gay. I also have friends who are openly gay, but this is a joke. Poor kids have now to suffer for political correctness by...
  11. D

    Teach Yourself Turkish by David Pollard

    Hi everyone. I have the book for this but have lost the CDs. Does anyone know where I can get just the CD or does anyone have it and no longer uses it. I am living in Turkey so any help is appreciated. Debbie.
  12. luckycat68

    Teach Yourself Turkish

    For all you folks going to the get together on 5 th May I have double C D S of Turkish Language for beginners. Its a VERY good way to learn Turkish starting with the basics Let me know if you want to order 12 ytl for 2 CD s Looking forward to meeting you all Sue
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