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    Graham Taylor RIP

    Always thought he was decent enough http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38599231
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    Shaw Taylor

    Just heard that Shaw Taylor has died, on 17th March 2015 aged 90. Remember him well from the Police 5 TV programme. Always finished with a gesture to his eyes and said "keep 'em peeled". RIP. Maisie
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    Alteration Tailor

    We had brought some bed linen from UK and it turned out to be a bit big. We went to one of the two Taylors behind the Dolmus square. It was only one sheet . We asked him to cut 12 inches off one side and hem it. Total cost . . . . 3Tl . or £1-10p ish. I thought that was pretty good...
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    Elizabeth Taylor.

    Elizabeth Taylor has died. Sky News - Showbiz News: The latest UK and international media news, features and video
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    Can you help locate David Taylor

    Hi. Calling to all those who live in Turgutreis. I have lost touch with a dear friend called David Taylor. The last known address I have for him (which was approx 2 years ago) was in Turgetreis. When we last visited him he seemed well known and liked by many. He is Scottish, and in his...
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