1. F

    airport taxis

    Myself and my fiancee are flying out to bodrum on 5th of july and are staying in kemelia near gumusluk can anyone recomend a good taxi firm who will provide a reliable cheap return to and from the airport :24:
  2. U


    hi everybody just wondering i will be traveling to yali 30 april but when i do come i always get a taxi from airport or usetaylan coban from muzik center its normally sbout 100ltr is this about right or is ther anything else to use
  3. V

    Turkish taxis for NYC

    A Turkish designed taxi has won a Taxi of Tomorrow design contest to replace the old fashioned New York City yellow cabs. More than 66% of NYC public voters opted for the Karsan V1 instead of designs from Ford and Nissan. Karsan is a business partner of Peugeot and Renault producing their...
  4. M


    I have the "pleasure" this holiday of having my teenage son (18) and his friends (3 boys and 2 girls) staying over with me at PRR this summer - the "teenage team". On two occasions they visted Altinkum (as teenagers do! - it's like a magnet to them, with the bars and night clubs). They had...
  5. P

    Buses and Taxis in Turkey

    Am I right in thinking that buses and taxis are the norm in Turkey for getting about!Are they "cheap and Cheerful" or "not so cheap and high standards"when people say buses are the norm i tend to think of Malta!lol
  6. A

    Taxis in Yalıkavak to Türkbükü - or dolmuş

    First post here, so hello to all! I'll be in Yalıkavak next week. We have friends staying in Türkbükü and will be visiting them during the days. Does anyone know how much a taxi would cost from Yalıkavak to Türkbükü? Someone on TripAdvisor said it's between 50-80TL! Surely this is wrong and a...
  7. P

    Dalaman Airport Taxis

    Hi Can anyone help? I have read that you cannot get a taxi from the airport as they have to be pre-booked. Whats that all about? I need a taxi from the airport to Dalaman Otogar and had intended just jumping in a taxi. I need to travel to Kusadasi to join my daughter and the shuttle transfer...
  8. A

    - Taxis Prices Change in Istanbul -

    One of the causes for a possible scam by taxi drivers has been eliminated. Hurriyet newspaper reports that in Istanbul night rates have been abolished but the taxi drivers got a 15% increase in their fares. Starting next week all taxi rates (fares/km) within the municipality of Istanbul will be...
  9. K


    Hi We're new to the forum and are travelling to Mandalya gardens tomorrow and wondered if anyone knows a good taxi firm to take us from Bodrum airport? xx:37::307bt:
  10. rosewall1

    Taxis taking the P***

    I was under the impression that the taxis of Bodrum had dropped their after midnight excess. My son took a taxi at 2.30am from outside the Yacht Club in Bodrum to come home to the Bodrum side of Torba. Guess how much they wanted???? 45tl is this taking the p*** or what. A matter of some 10Km...
  11. kaytee

    transfers or taxis?

    Hi All Have booked a surprise 40th birthday trip for my other half in Jan to Istanbul for long weekend (can't wait). Have got the flights and hotel all booked and now need to think about transfers to get to/from hotel. We're staying in the Sultanahmet area. Are taxis available/reasonably...
  12. J

    Taxis from Bodrum Airport to Gumbet

    Hi, please can anyone tell me whether or not to book a transfer of the internet, taxis (mini buses/people carriers) are coming out £206 quid for 4 people (return), how much would it cost me to just wing it and grab one from the airport. thanks. :)
  13. immac

    Air Taxis - prices

    From TDN: This taxi can fly Saturday, July 14, 2007 If you live in Istanbul, you will frequently find yourself saying ‘if only my car had wings.’ The notion of cars with wings is still a dream but air taxis (helicopters and small jets) are flying over the skies Air taxi demand has boomed...
  14. E

    taxis from dalaman to datca

    hi just wondering if anyone has used taxis from dlm to marmaris or datca. We were wondering what the cost is or has anyone found a cheaper mini bus hire etc emeraldlady and ruthie babes :music:
  15. turkishbellydancer

    taxis in istanbul

    hi all im a newbie to these forums and i have to say they are great lots of advice and info ,anyway im going to istanbul on the 21st of july for 5 nights can anyone give me an idea of whats the taxi fare from attaturk airport to sultanahmet? i just need a rough idea as we have always gone to...
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