1. Neil_Denizli

    Taxi from Dalaman Airport into Dalaman Town

    Hi My son is arriving at Dalaman at 2AM Saturday. Does anyone know how much a taxi into town is these days? EDIT: I mean to Dalyan from the airport. Thanks
  2. S

    taxi to izmir airport

    Please can anyone tell me the cost of a taxi from Kusadasi to Izmir Airport, thanks so much. Scott
  3. B


    Could anyone please advise our long by taxi from Side to Liberty Hotel Lara.
  4. B

    Taxi - Antalya Airport to Kaleici

    Can anyone provide the rough cost of a taxi from the airport to the Kaleici area? Arriving late evening at the end of October for a few days. Thanks
  5. juco

    Taxi overcharge in Istanbul

    Taxi over charge:
  6. A

    Airport Taxi fares

    Hi, does anyone know how much you can expect to pay for a taxi from Ataturk Airport to Sultan Ahmet area? thanks.
  7. Martian106

    Taxi question

    Hello people not been on for a while, rude I know:438qr: Does anyone know rough costs of Taxi from Antalya Airport to Manavgat Kizilot? Any help appreciated
  8. V

    share a taxi

    Anybody going yo Bodrum Sirport this Friday 21st and want to share a taxi I have booked and paid for a shuttle but don't know if I trust it. Thanks
  9. J

    taxi pick up Bodrum airprt

    His there any problems with taxis from Kusadasi picking up at Bodrum airport. Been told there his. any one know of problems with taxis.
  10. Jaycey

    UBER Taxi

    I see that Uber has started operations in Ukraine Has anyone any comment on this service in UK (or Turkey)? Looks complicated and possible taxi wars ahead?
  11. K


    I'm flying from Liverpool to Bodrum Airport on 30 April for a week on my own and wondered if anyone was getting a taxi to Gulluk that I could share with? I'm staying at Hermias Apartments which is the turn off just before the mosque.
  12. suecheshireuk

    Cost of taxi from Antalya to side

    Hiya, does anyone know how much this is ? Im trying to decide whether its cheaper to book a transfer or just pick up a taxi when I arrive. I did notice it would have been cheaper to get a taxi when we were going to the old town, but not sure if the same applies so much further away. Thanks...
  13. suzyq

    Confused Taxi Driver

    The Esenboğa Airport in the Turkish capital Ankara was on full alert on July 24 when a car somehow ended up at the start of the runway, ready for take-off. The unprecedented incident, which was reported for the first time by daily Hürriyet on Aug. 27, began when a 63-year-old driver flew to...
  14. irishmatelot

    Taxi or Transfer from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet?

    Could someone tell me if it is more expensive to get a taxi or private transfer from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet. Thank you
  15. M

    Taxi from Bodrum airport to Gumusluk?

    Hello, can any body recommend a taxi service to and from airport did have a number we used a few times but have lost it !!
  16. P

    Taxi fares - Dalaman to Dalyan

    Could someone give approx. cost for 4 people plus luggage from Dalaman to Dalyan and then Dalyan to Oludeniz; just looking for a guide price. Thanks
  17. W

    Kalkan Taxi Prices 2014

    Please could someone let me know the prices of taxi's this year for 4 people to Kas, Kaputas and also Patara. Thank you Jac
  18. P

    Taxi - Ataturk airport to Sultanahmet

    Just wondering how much you think is reasonable to pay for a taxi ride from Ataturk Airport to a hotel in Sultanahment. Yours sincerely, Scared of being ripped off ;)
  19. J

    Taxi fare - Ercan to Kyrenia?

    Hellooo Can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay for a taxi from Ercan airport to Kyrenia please.:der: Thanks Jan:becky:
  20. G

    taxi Akbuk/Didim

    Could anyone tell me the approx fare for taxi from Abuk to Didim.and perhaps post a contact telephone number for a taxi firm. I will be in the area shortly. The weather forcast looks a bit gloomy. Boo Hoo. Thanks
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