1. E

    Banks in the uk checking tax details.

    Has any one had letter from their uk bank asking for tax numbers .?
  2. gam101

    Short Term RP Tax (1st time)

    Greetings folks. Just wanted to confirm if the tax to be paid for the STRP (first time) is 620TL and the 110TL card fees is the norm. Thank you. :)
  3. S

    Internet and Council Tax

    good morning.Given the covid restrictions on travel I would be interested to know if I am able to pay council tax by internet .I am sure this must be possible but not aware of the email address (Didim) or requirements for the system. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. D

    Road Tax Matters

    I have been trying to pay the second installment of my road tax, using the normal online interactive site, but it is accepting my inputs without problems, but coming up with zero debt stated, and 00 tl in the total column. When I intentionally put an incorrect plaka number in, it stated an...
  5. L

    Tax Office in Istanbul?

    Hello! Does anyone know where is the tax office in Istanbul to pay the RP fee? I'm not sure how it's called in Turkish or where to find it. And, to pay it, do I need to do anything other than come with my application information and passport and cash? I was foolish and had someone help me with...
  6. hayabusa

    Paying Koycegiz Council Tax

    Due to the current travel restrictions, I cannot come to pay the council tax by cash. Does anyone know if the tax In Koycegiz can be paid on line ?.......
  7. B

    Property Tax Payment :

    Hi, Does anyone have information about paying property tax on line with Yalikavak Beleydeye Regards, Baba Moss.
  8. R

    Paying Car Tax in Turkey

    Hi WE need to renew our car tax, We used to pay this through our bank, but this is no longer possible unless you have a credit card, at the moment we do not possess a credit card. The bank told us that we can pay at the tax office. We are not sure where abouts in Fethiye the tax office is, Can...
  9. E

    Paying Council Tax online

    Hello everyone, Could I seek some advise please. Its looking like the travel restrictions may mean that I am unable to visit Marmaris in April. I always go down to the office on the sea front and pay my house tax in cash. Can anyone tell me if its possible to do it over the internet and if so...
  10. L

    Residency Visa- Tax Fee?

    Hi all, I’m looking into a residency permit so as to stay a few extra weeks in Turkey past my evisa expiration, without becoming unlawful and receiving a bar to return. I was told by a helper agency that if I’m a US citizen, tax fees will be around 1500 TL - which is quite high for me. Is this...
  11. Kalkan regular

    Can no longer pay tax from my Turkish bank account

    Hi, got this message from the Deniz bank a couple of days ago:- 'Değerli Müşterimiz, Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı'nın kararına göre; 01.01.2020 tarihi itibari ile Bankamız kanalları üzerinden maliye vergisi tahsilatları yalnızca kredi kartı ile sağlanabilecektir. Nakit ve hesaptan vergi (Gümrük ve...
  12. bickern

    12 EU states reject move to expose companies' tax avoidance

    Twelve European Union countries, including Ireland, have blocked a proposed new rule that would have forced multinational companies to reveal how much profit they make and how little tax they pay in each of the EU’s 28 member states. The proposed directive was designed to shine a light on how...
  13. ScoobyZ

    Turkey Tourist Tax!

    I hope this isn't true:
  14. E

    New tax increase 2020 Just what the doctor ordered more tax rises
  15. H

    Council tax

    If someone bought a propert say, ten years ago just for holiday use, as we have done. Our Tapu has never been issued. Should we eventually get our Tapu would we then have to pay the back dated council tax covering ten years or more. We have been told that that is the case. Can someone please...
  16. IbrahimAbi

    Tax implications

    Of becoming a Turkish citizen. Can anyone advise on this? We are considering taking citizenship. We have had continuous residency since 2003, have no income here 9except fot a few 100 TL interest), but do have UK income from property rentals, (below UK tax threshold). Will we have to complete...
  17. G

    Tax on parcels

    Hi. My daughter has just told me not to send anymore parcels over to her and her family in corlu. I'm in England . She informs me that when they receive my parcel, which usually only contains little goodie items nothing expensive and not weighing much, she has to pay a 20% of the parcels value...
  18. IbrahimAbi

    Car tax

    It occurred to me today that I have not paid my car tax for the second part of the year. I have just done it through internet banking, This is just a reminder to others, if they have not done so. It is due in January and again in July. I am not sure how long you are allowed without the 'ceza'
  19. C

    Tax advisor recommendation?

    Can anybody recommend a highly regarded tax advisor here in Turkey, with international experience? Thanks in advance!
  20. willip

    Swimming pool tax

    We’ve been informed that it’s possible we have to start paying a tax for having a swimming pool on our site Sunset bay, an inspector is coming out on Tuesday to measure up the pool plus flat underneath area as the tax amount will be charged on this. Has anyone else heard about this or started...
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