1. D

    Wine tasting - 15th July, Yalikavak

    Just a quick post to let you know that Kutman are holding another wine-tasting evening tonight between 7 and 8.30pm. The event will cost 20TL per person, and will include wine tasting for the evening (4-5 glasses), and snacks served from their bistro. All wines will also be available to buy at...
  2. D

    Wine tasting night - 27th August, Yalikavak

    I've just heard about this event, which I'm sure a lot of you will be interested in... After a successful trial event last month, Kutman Winehouse and Bistro will be hosting another wine tasting event on the 27th August between 6.30pm and 8.30pm. Based on feedback from the last event, this...
  3. the sausage king

    Free Sausage Tasting in Turgetreis

    Hello everyone Firstly many thanks to Gail for organising this event, so many of you have been so kind in helping me, i cant name everyone as i would be here all night. There will be a free sausage tasting on Monday the 28th May at the Target bar in Turgetreis at 2pm please bring your cooler...
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