1. beyazbayan

    Ultimate Bad Taste

    And next we have a comedy about the Holocaust! https://www.change.org/p/petition-to-stop-channel-4-from-making-a-comedy-series-about-the-irish-famine?recruiter=90837396&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition
  2. P

    A Taste of Home

    For a bit of a laugh we went to the British food shop in Turgutries and bought some Heinz Baked beans/ HP brown Sauce/Bisto Gravy granules. Not for us, but for some ex pat friends. I nearly got them some Marmite but thought maybe that would be a step too far. :smile:
  3. R

    DO NOT MISS!!! Çiğköfte Cooking Class!!! Come, cook and taste!

    DO NOT MISS!!! Çiğköfte Cooking Class!!! Come, cook and taste! The Lion Restaurant (Tosmur, Alanya) invites you to the Çiğköfte Cooking Class: - Learn how to make Traditional Turkish Çiğköfte - Learn the secrets of the Turkish Cuisine Place: The Lion Restaurant Date: 16 of March 2014, Sunday...
  4. S

    Bad taste advert

    Not only was this not the best time for this particular campaign- trial currently ongoing but I dont even get the effectiveness of it BBC News - Paddy Power is ordered to withdraw Oscar Pistorius advert
  5. T

    Scots Can't Taste

    Scots can't taste that their lamb curries are made out of cheap beef. I suppose go-ahead Scottish curry houses will be substituting cheap beef with cheaper horse now this has has been discovered. BBC News - Wrong meat in curries in Scotland is 'widespread practice'
  6. Freedom 49

    No accounting for Taste!!

    Well, give me a tastie little sweet, 6 inch, Turkish jobbie anytime!! :redface: Grandfather’s shock after growing 21-inch whopper
  7. F

    Taste of the Med

    A friend of mine says that through all his life the water around the south east of Turkey has tasted like fizzy orange pop. I don't think that is real life, I think it's just Fanta sea.
  8. Karyn UK

    A Taste of Village Life

    For a couple wanting a romantic retreat, a writer or artist needing an inspirational setting or anyone wanting a taste of village life I have available for rent the self contained studio attached to my own house in Kirazli Koy near Kusadasi. It is large, light and airy with an open living area...
  9. E

    Taste of home

    Hi does anyone where i can buy uk food goods from (butter,marg,dilute and bisto to name a few) the only problem is i am in Sivas so will have to be mail order or a shop willing to post to me. Please if you know of a shop or site let me know or ask your local shop if they are willing to send thanks x
  10. ceemac

    In search of the taste of Siirt

    'Unexpectedly, the road that led me to Siirt in southeastern Turkey actually started in the heart of İstanbul, in the colorful area variously called the Kadınlar Pazarı (Women's Market), İtfaiye Çarşısı (Fire Station Market) or Küçük Siirt (Little Siirt) that sits just in front of the Aqueduct...
  11. Martyn

    Jokes in bad taste

    I have wanted to post this for a long time but chose today because of a joke posted about a plane crash. The joke referred to Irish people and a plane crash. This thread will probably get a bit heated but keeping it on topic and non personal will allow everyone to express their views...
  12. merlin

    Taste test for living in Turkey?

    Follow Martin, Claire and their children on their move to Turkey and witness their life in a Forum Diary, day-by-day and see how they live the Turkish dream.... Its only something I am making up but it comes pretty close to the truth! Martin & Claire Heres some quotes posted by members who...
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