1. suzyq

    New Tariffs on Imported Electronic Goods into Turkey

    Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci announced Thursday that new tariffs are to be introduced next month on electronic goods entering Turkey. “In the coming month, special measures with regards to custom duties will be taken. Additional tariffs will be imposed on certain product groups such as...
  2. L

    Electricity tariffs.

    Can anyone explain the T1,T2 and T3 tariffs with Aydem,thanks.
  3. kernowians

    Electricity Tariffs

    Hi there. Does anybody know the new electricity tariffs, T1, T2, and T3, as well as builders rates for Altinkum (builders rates seem to vary from area to area for some reason.)
  4. P

    Turkcell Tariffs

    Hi A quick query. I'm buying a Turkish mobile in Bodrum and could do with some advice about the various Turkcell tariffs. I've had a look at other threads and also at the Turkcell website but can find anything in English which explains what the various tariffs are, how much they cost and how...
  5. C

    Electricity Tariffs

    Hi All, hopefully someone can help me? We have all three tariffs shown on our bill and what units are used on each, but it looks like we are being charged at the "Gunduz" price of 0.165819 our bill was 313.08 Lira (biggest yet!) if this is wrong does anyone know how to get in touch with...
  6. YogiPJ

    Mobile Tariffs

    Hi Forum peeps Can anybody advise me on a Mobile phone issue. Im on pay as you go in UK at the moment. Okay for texting but my goodness is it expensive to call Turkey. 3 minutes the other day £4.43. I nearly fainted. We are moving to Bodrum area in 3 weeks and wondered if anybody could...
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