1. C

    Can Tapus now be issued to foreigners

    I have been told that TAPUs can now be issued to foreigners again, the buyer applies at the title deed office, the paperwork goes to Izmir, is returned and the foreign buyer has the deeds to their property. Can anyone reliable such as Steve comment on the correctness of this .
  2. C

    Deniz Court - TAPUS

    Has anyone with an apartment at Deniz Court had an email recently from Aymethomes regarding their TAPUS please? If you would prefer please send me a private message. Many thanks
  3. C

    Tapus - Aymethomes

    Does anyone have any information about the recent release of Tapus by Aymethomes please? I would be grateful for any information anyone may have. If you would prefer please send me a private message. Many thanks
  4. B

    tapus and photos

    please can anyone tell me if you need to have your photo enprinted on your tapu to make it legal, as some of us on viva mar site in didum haven't. need to know before we go over on monday:robot:
  5. P

    Lakeside Tapus and Habitation Certificates

    Hello to all forum users, It's our first time posting a thread so excuse us if we don't follow the correct protocol just yet - we're learning you see. We are hope to become regular residents up at Lakeside, Akkaya and if everything goes to plan we take ownership of our Lakeview villa (1 of 36...
  6. Yalides

    Names on Tapus

    Anyone know how many names can go on one Tapu. Is it maximum two ?
  7. G

    Earthquake insurance and tapus.

    hi all have been told that part of the documentation required to obtain a tapu is proof of earthquake insurance. does anyone know about this. nothing was said when i gave my documents to HSM. regards ged
  8. C

    Transfer of title deeds

    Hi all, I have a question regarding the cost of transferring land Tapus from one person to the other. My Turkish lawyer holds some of my land Tapus in his name. I have a back to back contract with him. I am now in the process of getting the land transferred to my name. My lawyer is stating that...
  9. B

    TAPUs and Owners Management Board

    I have bought an apartment on a complex of 262 properties. 1) Although the site is finished it appears that those wh have received their TAPUs have received Kat İrtifakı and not Kat Mülkiyeti suggesting that the site is not ready. They have been informed that the developer will apply for Kat...
  10. M

    Kat Irtifaki Tapus - again

    Hi there. I know the subject of Kat irtifaki versus kat mulkiyeti tapus has been covered here, but I wanted to ask what the possible consequences of only having a Kat irtifaki tapu are? We are buying a new-build off plan, and got all excited when our Tapu finally came through after the...
  11. rafiki

    Up-date on issue of Tapus

    Hi everyone...Has anyone heard any more news regarding the issue of tapus starting again.
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