1. S

    Fast/ ways of paying for property at the Tapu office

    Hi everyone! I did not find an updated post re what is the best way for paying a seller (please advise if I am wrong). I guess the safest way is to pay for a property purchase in Turkey is to pay and do all the signatures at the same time in "the Tapu office", but the question is apart from...
  2. A

    Checking the Tapu and Iskan

    So I just went to check at the relevant offices in Istanbul for these two documents. The Tapu office wouldn't release the Tapu and said it is with the owner but confirmed the name was accurate and there was no problem with the home. We then asked if they would release the Tapu if a solicitor...
  3. H

    Power of Attorney, changing Tapu.

    I know that this has been dealt with before but I cant find a relevant thread. I own a property in Akyaka. I originally bought the property with a friend and both names are on the Tapu. I have bought the friend out and need to change the Tapu to reflect this. My friend does not wish to return...
  4. Mushtaq

    Didim - Tapu office

    A friend needs to check out status of a TAPU at the Didim office. Can anyone recommend a company or an individual to visit the Didim Tapu office and make an inquiry?
  5. N

    Fined for not informing council/ Beldesi of Tapu change.

    In 2013 we changed the names on our tapu from joint names to just mine. A neighbour recently alerted me that the Beldesi had been asking if he new of my missus as there was an oustanding council tax bill for my missus of over 1200tl. I went in today with a print out of my tapu changes ,showing...
  6. S

    Tapu: Shall I take the red one or blue

    So I want to know what kind of 'rabbit-hole' I will end up in trying to buy a villa in Turkey... An estate agent who was trying to win me over (I guess) said take the blue one because you will then own the land. Common sense tell me he is right, but is it worth the premium in price? Kat...
  7. P

    Tapu details

    Does anyone know how I can find out who owns a property and whose name is in the Tapu. In England you can check on Land Registry but I’m struggling to see how to do it in Yalikavak / Bodrum. Thanks
  8. bal canavar

    Tapu by Internet ?

    Sorry, can't find an English translation as on holiday away from Istanbul and sources. If this new system starts will make easier for most, and I can imagine if applicable to foreigners will help to look and control any debts pending on property etc etc...
  9. R

    Lost Tapu

    Hi we are hoping to sell a 2 bed apartment in mahmutlar but unfortunately have misplaced the tapu. How hard is it to replace the tapu keeping in mind there are two people on the tapu and now one of them have passed away. Any information would be very helpful.
  10. J

    Advice neede: Military Searches for a Tapu

    Finally, my duplex will have a Tapu ready for me in August after 6 years of waiting. The owner said he had to renew the permission of the Military Search because the old one has expired. I asked him for a notarised copy of the permission, he replied back saying there's no paper copy, they only...
  11. J

    Seashell Sitesi - Tapu

    I signed a Purchase Agreement to buy a Duplex in the Sitesi, at a Lawer office and was notarised. We put conditions in the agreement: 1- I pay a small deposit and the remaining amount will be paid when the Tapu is ready. 2- I was given the right to live in the property till we complete within 6...
  12. E

    Name change TAPU and Bank account

    Good day all, Advice sought please. Our home is in my daughters name as is the bank account that pays the bills. She has got married and we need to change names on both. I have got original copies of birth and marriage certificates. We live in Northern Ireland and I wonder if the documents...
  13. M

    Name change on Tapu

    I bought a villa over 10 years ago and have now remarried. My question is does anyone know how much it would cost to change the Tapu and papers into my new name only?
  14. F

    Changing ownership on Tapu

    I want to change the name on my Tapu to my son in law. Can this be done in England with a Turkish Lawyer or does it have to be done in Turkey?
  15. G

    Tapu urgent help

    Hi When on holiday last week, we mentioned we might sell our house to a neighbour and then had a sell agreed and deposit by the following day to another neighbour. I have booked flights for next week to transfer the tapu, but have now heard that tapus are not being done since the coup attempt...
  16. J

    Property Transfer following a Gift - What is the process?

    Hi All, I have a question relating to the transfer of a property by gift and am hoping someone can help me. I will try to keep this brief: My father recently gifted our property in Turkey to me. We have a local lawyer in Turkey who has Power of Attorney to effect the transfer of this...
  17. G

    how do i add my partner to my tapu?

    Hi how do I go about adding my common law wife of 40 yrs to my tapu? Cant find the relevant thread on the search link. your help appreciated.
  18. IbrahimAbi

    Putting Tapu into both names

    Reading recent threads about inheritance and problems with probate made me think about the tapu on our place which is only in my name. Does anyone know the rough costs involved with putting it into both my and the missus' names? Is it the same as paying the purchase tax on a place of about half...
  19. C

    How to change tapu with deceased husbands name on it

    Hi my late husband and I purchased a property in altinkum however my husband passed away 10 years ago we had a daughter together, he didn't leave a will but everything came to me, I have now found out I can't sell the property until I have my husbands name removed, I have since re married, my...
  20. staceman

    Tapu name change

    Hi all just after some information does anyone know the process and approx cost of removing a name from a tapu Many thanks nick
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