1. S

    Turkish Phone tap scandal (The Erdogan Tapes)

    More murky every day. What a mess BBC News - Turkey prosecutors 'tapped thousands of phones'
  2. S

    filters for tap water

    Hi Has anybody any experience of using some type of filtration system for the tap water in Turkey, or more specifically Ankara? It would be good to be able to drink from the taps rather than keep buying huge water bottles. From what I have read on the internet, the biggest problem seems to be...
  3. B

    Bottled or tap water?

    Heading to Gumbet in 2 weeks and was wondering if the tap water is ok to drink or should i just stick to bottled..? And is it ok to brush teeth/make tea with etc.......... :hmm:
  4. P

    Legal Advice on tap

    It strikes me that there are regular occaisions when TLF members need some legal advice but rarely get it (receiving anecdotal replies at best) So I though about an annual Legal Advice scheme - for members only (and you have to have been a memebr for 3 months at least before you can benefit)...
  5. R

    Out side tap

    We are in need of an out side tap for our apartment in Didim could anyone recomend a plumber going out in May.thanks
  6. bobthenob

    Water tap adjustment

    l have one of those irritating shower taps,when l'm trying to get the exact right water temperature,but never happens. :eek: The problem is when l'm showering,l spend most of my time tapping a little bit to the left on the tap or a little bit right on the tap constantly,but l never seem to...
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