1. Frank&Mary

    new tansas store in Yalikavak

    It looks kike a new Tansas supermarket is opening in Yalikavak vilaage, just facing th dolmus station. Sign suggests it opened today (10:00) but there was still a bit of last minute finishing of activity as we walked past earlier today. Goos on shelf and doors open though.

    Bacon for sale in Tansas

    Tansas near the marina is selling packets of rashers. We havn't eaten bacon for months so fancied the smell of it on the grill! Bought a packet for 16TL which contained only 3 rashers!! But it was worth it! Craving now over and will be content until our summer guests bring new supplies!!
  3. Giudi Firenze

    Altinkum TANSAS AREA 2 bed flat for sale

    Very central, lovely spacious flat, looked after, great building and neighbors. Close to TANSAS supermarket, main road, 10 min walk to the main beach, sold partly furnished, great views. Great location. 30.000£ Must be seen to be appreciated. If interested please email me at...
  4. onz

    BEWARE BANK card scam today teb bank atturk by tansas

    just to let everyone know wife was scammed today outside teb.....she went to use atm a guy came up along side her said u english i help pressed screen 4 her another guy came otherside said no not that this ....so she was looking both ways they stepped back said use card ok now ......it all...
  5. T

    Tansas are at it now

    Well, they may have been at it before, but, on our last two visits to Tansas, we have been charged for items we did not buy. The first time we didn't notice till we got back and put the shopping away so made a mental note to keep an eye on the shopping bill in future. Unfortunately, next time...
  6. H

    Tansas and Carrefour in Altinkum

    Hi all I've been emailed properties for sale around the Tansas and Carrefour supermarket areas of Altinkum, which I think are on the Boulevard (someone correct me if I'm wrong!) Does anyone live there or know anything about these areas (Tansas in particular)? I'd be happy to hear all views -...
  7. M

    Tansas now gone

    Just seen a video on facebook re Tansas in the process of being demolished this morning. I wonder if they will build a new one in time for summer.
  8. mrsed

    Whats happening to Tansas?

    Hi we went to the Tansas on Attatuk the other week & it was closed, can anyone tell me if this is for good or maybe they are being re-furbed. I know there is a little one on the beach but its not very good.
  9. SonnyJim

    Tansas Opening!

    Just in case you haven't noticed Tansas is opening in Datca tomorrow! I know Migros and Tansas are in the same group and noticed that all the offers in Tansas, Marmaris last week were the same as Migros. Its a great location for those living in the centre of Datca without a car to get to Migros.
  10. maggie

    Tansas kitties.

    Does anyone live near Akbuk Tansas,???? There is a sweet Mummy cat with a damaged leg I think and an adorable little kitten they look like bengal cats.They were sat by the exit doors of Tansas obviously starving so I gave them some fish and Denise gave them some cream. We didnt want to move...
  11. millilove76

    50% off at TANSAS

    Have just got back from a trip to Tansas. Today only (for childrens day) they have 50% off childrens toys. Also a buy 1 get 1 free offer on sweets, not chocolate though! Perhaps its a good time to buy and put away until Christmas if anyone makes up the shoe boxes, or for those that send items...
  12. tinkycarol

    Stickers given out by Tansas - loyalty points?

    Hi, couldn't think where else to put this. When I was food shopping in Tansas the cashier sometimes gave out a tiny sticker (smaller than a Green Shield stamp...eons ago if you remember). No use to me so I gave to the person behind me. Now wondering what they were - do supermarkets in Turkey...
  13. M

    Birthday Cake in Marmaris

    Hello everyone ... First time posting, this board seems to be quite useful. I just have a quick question to ask .... Will I be able to buy a Birthday Cake from the Local Tansas in Marmaris? The big one next to Mc Donalds? or do I have to get it from somewhere else? What are the opening time...
  14. L

    How can i get a phone line in Akbuk (near Tansas)

    Can anybody help me because i am desperate to get a phone line at my villa in Akbuk but i just get the run around. so i would like to hear anybodys stories on this. thanks
  15. bobthenob

    Beware shopping at Akbuk Tansas

    A terrible incident happened to my wife and l in tansas that left me as the guilty party which was not my fault. My wife and l decided for the first time to try out the new Tansas in Akbuk,got our two trollies to do a big shop to stock up,when we had enough and was contented with what we got,we...
  16. S

    Somine Kebap (opposite Tansas)

    Our new restaurant opened last week and we would like to take this oppertunity invite Turkish Living members to come and see why we think we are the best Our business is started in Eskisehir in 1984 and we are the masters at working with meat dishes; kebabs, chicken, steaks and Turkish...
  17. Marc

    Tansas to open on 2nd July!!

    Yep a little over 2 months since I announced they were comming they will be opening, the shelves are stacked and they seem to be tidying up around the outside and putting the branding onto the building. There also seems to be a very big building next door, doesnt seem like a Petrol station as...
  18. G

    Tansas Supermarket ... Any News

    We were in Akbuk last week and have just purchased a semi-villa in the new Eclipse - Dolunay Complex, developed by Ephesus Homes. As my wife is Turkish, we were able to get hold of all the local gossip. The one most people are talking about is the likelihood of a large supermarket (probably...
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