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    Turkish Tanks Enter Syria.

    Turkey has announced that it's Army and Tanks have entered Syria today to take on ISIS.
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    new charges to empty sceptic tanks

    hi is it true that the council is now charging almost 200tl to empty your sceptic tank in the dalyan area? this used to be a free service.
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    'Drunk Tanks For Revellers'

    These seem a great idea or at least worth considering :28: Yahoo News UK & Ireland - Latest World News & UK News Headlines

    Tanks at the Ready.

    Turkish tanks are now in formation on the border with syria, we watch & wait while the world holds it's breath. As turkey is part of Nato & Syria is backed by Rusia and Iran what next ?. Lets hope it all blows over. Johnyh.
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    solar panels and tanks

    Hi, thought people who want to know the price of solar panels and tanks, we have just been quoted 850TL for supply and installation, We had been quoted up to 1500TL, so this is reasonable considering, Trisha
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    solar tanks and panels

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows the price of solar panels and water tanks, I have been quoted some silly prices, if they are that expensive, how on earth do people afford them? Bought a house last year, that had an electric water boiler, but guess what? that has now dissapeared along...
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    Septic Tanks

    Does anyone know of any proper!!!! septic tank suppliers in the Ortaca/Dalaman/Fethiye area - :help:poo poo
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    septic tanks

    Does anyone know of somewhere in the Ortaca/Dalaman/Fethiye area that supplies proper? septic tanks - PooPoo:424bw::77wu:
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    septic tanks advice needed

    Could someone please advise me on the feasibility of a property in Turkey using a septic tank. Do you think I am liable to encounter long term problems or would this hinder the value of the property in the future. Does anyone know the cost of emptying one. Would this affect the price of the...
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