1. Camden

    Iranian Tanker boarded by UK Marines

    Seems it was to uphold EU Sanctions .... U.K. Marines Seize Tanker, Causing Diplomatic Row With Iran https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-04/gibraltar-says-it-seized-oil-tanker-carrying-crude-to-syria
  2. Mushtaq

    Man drives burning tanker from petrol station

    A driver in Turkey has been hailed as a hero after leaping into action when a fuel tanker he was unloading caught fire at a petrol station. This CCTV footage shows the terrifying moment flames shoot up out of the top of the tanker and everyone runs away. Everyone except Ko├žak, that is...
  3. merlin

    Tanker explosion kills 14 in Turkey....

    Nine people were killed and 12 others injured when a tanker carrying Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) exploded near the southeastern province of Gaziantep. The tanker exploded after hitting barriers on the D-400 highway between Gaziantep and the eastern province of Mersin. The Turkish General...
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