1. bal canavar

    Last Tango in Adana

    Turkish association condemns tango as ‘adultery on foot ' A local association in Turkey’s southern province of Adana has urged the local authorities to cancel an ongoing tango festival, describing the saucy Argentinian dance as 'adultery on foot.' A local association in Turkey’s southern...
  2. R

    Yesss Going to Akbuk with Tango Airways

    Hello All So glad Airports are re-opened again. It was like heaven when I heard the news. Hope everyone gets home ok who is stranded and everyone who is flying out gets out there fine and has a fabulous time in beautiful Turkey. Efes beer and beaches and sunshine and stunning scenery. My...
  3. M


    Before I registered properly I felt sure I'd seen a thread asking for information about Tango. I've just spent ages trying to search for it but couldnt find it. In case I'm dreaming I wont post my response( advice) but if the poster sees this and wants info please re-post.
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