1. L

    Talk Talk.

    Not Turkey related but I am looking at changing my present Broadband provider to Talk Talk,I am aware of the issue they had recently ref accounts being hacked.Is anyone on Talk Talk who can advise about their services,Broadband and Television.
  2. kale

    Talk talk scammers warning

    Haveing had trouble with our computer & laptop , had in in for checks because our bank and phone been blocked due to Mal ware on the system All came back ok , But for our son we would have had the whole lot wiped out bank because we answered a phone call , from bogus talktalk thugs , when...
  3. S

    Talk in English on Press freedom and social media

    A presentation that should be attended by all users of social media : Subject: Present State of Press Freedom and New Developments in Social Media 17 April Friday at 11.00 hrs. at BOTİM OASİS ( below THY) Haluk Şahin: Phd. Indiana Univ., Emeritus Professor of Mass Communications at Istanbul...
  4. S

    Talk on local remedies

    I am giving a short talk on local herbal remedies tomorrow (10th Oct)at 2pm in Oasis. It is a H3A talk but open to non members. It will be downstairs near the Botim office. (near the underground carpark which I have never found the entrance to) Hope its OK to put this here. It is a free talk...
  5. Helenm150

    Talk Talk

    Is anyone using Talk Talk - their prices seem very good for internet/phone but are they any good/reliable? Many thanks, Helen :pressie:
  6. I

    How do you say in tukish : let him talk?

    hello! I have been trying to translate into turkish this sentence: Let him talk. Is it onun konușmasini birak? It does not sound right to me but i cannot think of something else. thank you!
  7. Carolyn

    What young mums REALLY talk about

    And I bet you thought discussions centred around breast feeding and nappies! Do you dunk your penis? (full thread) | Mumsnet Discussion
  8. shirleyanntr

    how to talk proper eeenglees

    heres a little anecdote from yesterday about minor differences in English and Turkish just some food for thought i help a young friend with her English lessons..she is 13 yesterday she came to me with part of an assignment her English teacher had given her after we finished we talked about...
  9. Firefox

    Iran & Usa to Talk

    This is going to be an interesting time as to who’s going to be sitting on the Table Obma or Romney? Ahmaidnajat or an Ayatollah?? US, Iran agree to nuclear talks - World - The Boston Globe
  10. tomc1984

    It's good to talk

    Imagine getting a huge phone bill like this. Frenchwoman's alarm at trillion-euro phone bill - Yahoo! Finance UK
  11. scotssteve

    Lets talk about ALARMS

    following all the threads about the various robberies and attempted robberies, I thought it would be useful for TLF members if I recounted the latest installment in our office security. Having reviewed the current arrangements (and decided we could do better) we talked to a number of companies...
  12. bickern

    İf dogs could really talk

    YouTube - Trolling your Dog ( Funny ) Well it amused me anyhow.
  13. arrian

    Baby Talk!!!!!!

    very funny video!!! Twin Baby's Conversation Is Viral Hit - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  14. bobthenob

    Lets Talk Gardening

    Gardening to me is an opportunity and a delight to work with nature and never against it.When l turn the soil over early in the season here in Akbuk,l always use the fork so not to injure the living creatures in the soil,and also if l see any surface living insects on the surface,l will never...
  15. maggie

    Google Talk.

    Does anyone else use Google Talk.????? The last day mine doesennt seem to be working. Anyone else having this problem.????? Hugs Maggie xxxx
  16. ted j

    Talk About Being Unlucky

    Went On The 'Tintrenet Yesterday, I'm That Unlucky, I couldn't Even Find " Compare The MEERKAT . Com" Ted .
  17. D

    The talk was " it will be busier in 2008"

    The talk was... It will be busier in 2008..We came back form Hisaronu at the end of May this year and I cant say it was any busier than 2007 at that stage.. we go again in September and will have a better judge of it by then ... hope it does pick up this year as next year with airline fuel price...
  18. martin m

    lets talk Turkey up!!!!

    Hi all, I think its about time we had just a week ( think we can all manage that) of talking Turkey up, at the risk of upsetting some one i think this forum has just about nit picked everything bad about the place, well its about time we got the feel good factor back, have most of us forgot just...
  19. lorraine

    I talk to the trees

    The trees answer to Clint Eastwood when he sung "I Talk to the Trees"
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