1. A89

    Taking cash out..

    I looked up an old thread but didnt see the info I need on there. Does anyone know whats the limit in Euros I can take into Uk with me please? I saw on the old thread they were mentioning declaring and not declaring etc. If you declare it then what? is there a charge or am I just notifying...
  2. A89

    limit on taking Meds out of Turkey?

    Does anyone know if there's a limit to how many anti depressant tablets I can take (in my suitcase) to the UK? I'm not planning on selling them :madgrin: but here they cost less than 50p a pack so was thinking of taking around 20 packs when I move back over there, to last me until I qualify for...
  3. W

    Taking household goods to Turkey

    I hope someone out there can help. We are travelling by road from the UK to Dalaman this year to take household belongings to our villa were wondering what would be the safest and custom friendliest route?
  4. Y

    Taking a cat in and out of Turkey on a temporary basis p

    Hi all. I would appreciate some assistance with what paperwork Turkey customs need to bring a cat in and out of Turkey on a temporary basis. My cat as the following: "Hugo" is a 5th generation pedigree Bengal , with a TICA registered pedigree certificate. He is Micro-chipped and neutered...
  5. S

    Taking a cat to uk

    We have relocated back to uk,we are driving back to Turkey in a few weeks to collect our belongings and also our cat,she has had all the necessary vacs,blood test & micro chip so we just need to get Third country certificate,which we will deal with when we arrive. All I really want to know is...
  6. S

    Taking glass lamp shade back to uk

    Hi all, Can somebody tell me if we can take a large glass lamp shade back to the uk as handluggage? We have put it in a beach bag because it will not fit into the normal cabin bag. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Soulsoles
  7. A

    Hi taking dogs to the uk

    my name is Angie, i am thinking of taking my two dogs back to the UK, what is the best way to do this way to do this that isn't going to cost lots of money =)
  8. A

    Taking car into Turkey

    Hi, I drove into Turkey in 2014 with my van and left after 2 month. Now it's 2016 and I intend to drive into Turkey at Ipsala in mid Feb in my car. I understand that as of October 2015 you can now keep your car in Turkey for two years. I am entering on a tourist visa which I will extend to a...
  9. bal canavar

    Taking Money Out Turkey

    extracts from article Only a little more than half a year earlier, in April 2015, the Customs Ministry had issued a controversial circular in a bid to lure foreign currency to Turkey. The circular stipulated that travelers would no longer be forced to declare the foreign cash they bring to...
  10. D

    Taking Turkish reg m/bike into southern cyprus via northern Cyprus

    Hello All, Attending a wedding in Pafos mid October and have booked the Tasuçu-Girne ferry. Does anybody know if there are restrictions on Turkish registered vehicles crossing into southern Cyprus from the north? Kind Regards, Dicky
  11. B

    Taking UK car into Turkey

    Hi, Last year we drove to Turkey and really enjoyed the experience, no great rush we treated it as a holiday. Went through France, Switzerland,Italy, ferry to Greece and into Turkey. We would like to repeat the experience. I know you can only(easily) take a car into Turkey for 6 months maximum...
  12. S

    taking dvd to england

    Hi, I want to take my DVD player from Turkey back to England , is the voltage the same, I know I will have to get an adaptor to make it 3 pin, thanks in advance, susi
  13. A

    taking a turkish car back to the uk.

    Hi Does anyone know how to go about taking a Turkish car to the uk and back. ie Side Manavgat Antalya How much it would cost in fuel, the best route to take to Manchester. what docs do i need. thanks.
  14. B

    Taking Turkish VAN to UK and back?

    Hi, I have a residents permit, and wondered if it is possible to buy transit type van in Turkey to take to the UK to collect household items. I would then sell the van on my return to Turkey. Anyone done this ?
  15. N

    taking car into turkey

    does anyone know who would be the correct turkish authority to ask about entering a certain car into turkey.would in be the foreign office?or any other body.if so what are their email addresses. thanks jim
  16. Tony07

    Taking a car from Turkey to UK

    Is it possible to take a car from Turkey to the UK? what would be the procedures? cost etc would help, thanks.
  17. Kingfisher

    Taking Turkish citizenship

    I found this article very interesting. It dates from Jan 19th 2015 Caveat: it is the personal experience of a single woman (Pat Yale, ex-columnist for the Zaman) living in Nevşehir. Your own region may apply the rules differently and this may not apply to your own personal situation but it is...
  18. paddington bear

    Taking Bikes from Turkey to UK

    A friend of mine in the UK has asked me if I know how he could get his 3 electric bikes back to the UK. He has asked the airline and they said he could possibly take 1 back with him. The only way I thought he may get them back would be by DHL or shipping but shipping may be too expensive...

    Taking ages!!

    Why is it taking so long for pages to load? It's just on TLFnot on any other sites I'm on , soooo bugging :mmph:
  20. Spurs

    Taking & flying away?

    So the questions are, who has them & what for? Aircraft missing from Libya's Tripoli airport could be used in terror attacks ahead of 9/11 anniversary | Metro News
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