1. newhorizon

    F1 -Vettel takes Pole @ Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying

    Been a while.... but hey Vettel has taken Pole for tomorrow's Singapore Grand Prix!! Make's a change from seeing Mercedes on the front row.... POS. NO. DRIVER TEAM Q1 Q2 Q3 LAPS 1 5 SEBASTIAN VETTEL FERRARI 1:46.017 1:44.743 1:43.885 14 2 3 DANIEL RICCIARDO RED BULL RACING 1:46.166 1:45.291...
  2. bal canavar

    It takes Courage

    It takes a special type of courage to stand up to Erdogan's Government . Even more difficult, is to do your job properly , and in compliance with the law of the land and the Turkish constitution, especially in today's environment . Because what you put on the line in doing so , is your...
  3. K

    Turkey takes lessons from ISIS?

    The Turkish PM is threatening dissent and physical punishment by dismemberment...
  4. S

    Takes all kinds!!!!!

    Man with cow slurry fetish jailed - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk
  5. S

    Takes me back!!!

    Came across this today and it takes me back to my childhood. My bruv, god rest him, and me never used to miss an episode of this. It was on every year during the school holidays- only problem was it was timed to coincide with England's school hols. We therefore always missed the last 2...
  6. juco

    Olympic Torch Takes Dive In World's Deepest Lake

    Am I missing something, what is this all about? The Olympic torch goes to space and then takes a dive in a deep lake in Russia! Are some Aliens or mermaids taking part in the Olympics? This farce called the Olympics is loosing all sense of reality, its not that long since James Bond entered...
  7. suzyq

    New 2B Law takes effect

    Turkey is getting set for a major overhaul to activity on public lands as a new land use law kicks into gear. A law that allows the opening of land known as 2B -- land formerly classified as forests -- for construction is now being enforced after President Abdullah Gül approved it and it was...
  8. E

    sunset owner takes over fcc restaurant/bar

    mr ozmen director of sunset cafe has the contract to run the fcc facilities,hopefully things will improve,cant be any worse than previous attempts,sunset seems decent enough so fingers crossed
  9. scotssteve

    Turkish Businesswoman takes No2 position worldwide

    Financial Times places Sabancý in 2nd top spot - Hurriyet Daily News What an acheivement for any woman- but in this country all the more remarkable perhaps. Also further recognition of the growing importance of Turkish business in a worldwide enviroment? Well done, I say:attention
  10. bickern

    The next football world cup takes plays in Turkey

    The next football world cup takes place in Turkey UK World Cup hopes dashed The UK's best footballers have bombed out of the football World Cup. The country's first full team was taking part in the 2011 RoboCup in Istanbul over the weekend. BBC News - UK robot World Cup hopes...
  11. teosgirl

    Erdogan takes 'women' out of ministries

    RTE's recent announcement of a reshuffling of ministries and the redundancy of others has caused a stir amongst women's rights organisations. While Turkish women across the country strive for greater freedom and recognition, RTE has decided to rename the women and family ministry to the family...
  12. juco

    The Eu takes more power from member states

    The EU now has the right to speak on behalf of 27 member states at the united nations, how long before UK loses its seat? How can we maintain a foreign policy if it is decides by the EU, is this part of the reason for the massive cutbacks with the UK forces? Another small step towards total...
  13. Angela Stansfield

    Eagle Takes Lamb

    I thought this was pretty unbelievable!!! Golden eagle clutches bloodied lamb in its razor-sharp talons | Mail Online
  14. Firebrand

    Man takes stand against clampers

    BBC News - Driver's 30-hour protest in Wembley over clamped car And manages to fast at the same time. Respect!
  15. SuperBogs

    Canada takes Gold, Mens Hockey

    What an incredible game. The stats were basically identicle throughout the entire game...what a nail biter...lol. Bob
  16. peter the postie

    Its all coming out now.. Glazer family takes £20m in fees and loans from Man u

  17. gerald

    Gazipaşa Airport story takes off

    Thought that we should upgrade this from rumor status, now that TAV has "won the right" to operate the airport. From Turkish daily news yesterday: The announcement last week that Tepe Akfen Airports Holding (TAV) won the right to operate the Gazipaşa Airport near Alanya for 25 years has led...
  18. merlin

    Ciragan Takes Place Among Best Hotels in Europe....

    Ciragan Palace-Kempinski has taken a place among the best hotels in Europe. Readers of prominent travel magazines such as Travel&Leisure, Conde Nast Traveller and of the European Business magazine evaluated the hotels in terms of their unique atmosphere, service quality, and accommodation...
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