1. S

    Are sterilising tablets for babies available in Istanbul?

    Is it possible to buy sterilising tablets such as Milton tablets for baby bottles etc., in Istanbul? Are they available in supermarkets and/or pharmacies, please? We live in Pendik.
  2. suzyq

    BackTrack On New Taxes For Mobile's & Tablets

    After saying additional import taxes on electronic goods, mainly mobile phones, would be imposed, Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci backtracked on Aug. 17. “There won’t be any additional customs duties or compensatory taxes on tablets and mobile phones,” Reuters quoted Zeybekci as saying during a...
  3. E


    Can anyone advise me on the following - I currently have a laptop and a Blackberry Smart phone. my laptop needs replacing and our internet line is crap dspite many complaints to TTnet. I am considering buying a Tablet and need answers to the following : If I buy a 3g tablet can I cancel my...
  4. Carolyn

    Which tablet - Windows, Android or iPad?

    A question for you geeky peeps out there. If given a choice of tablet would you go for Android, Apple or Windows and why? I am planning my next tablet a while away and keep going from one to another. I have Android at the moment and am generally well pleased but do get frustrated when I want...
  5. arrian

    Taking Tablets? tip!

    when I was taking lots of different tablets, spread out throughout the day, I bought one of those boxes with little compartments, but was always forgetting to take them, and then forgetting which ones I had taken. well, I've now solved the problem with what I think is a very simple method! you...
  6. J

    Android tablets

    hi after looking carefully at the apple ipad, samsung etc and seeing the high cost of purchasing ones of these for my 9 year old grandson, i have looked at the android tablets which seem to be fairly priced. I am looking for wifi connection, use of google etc and games applications to keep him...
  7. M

    3 in 1 swimming tablets

    Does anyone know if the 3 in 1 pool cleaning tablets are available anywhere in Altinkum? I couldn't find them last year but hoping they may be available this year. x
  8. Mirazz

    Vitamin Tablets

    Hi I have been taking Multibionta Immune Support and also Ester-C (Vit C) tablets daily for about 5/6 weeks. Before I buy another bottle, could anyone tell my how long you should take vitamins for ie. do you take them for as long as you want to or do you take, for example, a course of 30 then...
  9. Mary

    Tablets poo

    Hi a couple of weeks ago popped along to see my consultant to arrange my knee replacemen for soon.....whilst there he said you could do with losing a little weight to bring your BMI down, so I have been on a diet, doing ok, a couple of days ago went to my GP for blood pressure check and weight...
  10. VWBug

    Ancient Tablets Unearthed In Sivas

    SIVAS - Tablets belonged to Hittite and Asurian trade colonies, and stone-relief of Hittite gods were unearthed during excavations in Kayalipinar ruins near Yildizeli town of central Turkish city of Sivas, sources told the A.A on Tuesday. German Marburg University Department of Archaeology...
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