1. M

    Exchange Rates

    What has happened to the exchange rate table, usually on the left of the Home page? The heading is there, but no information. Maisie
  2. C

    leather settees and tables 4 sale koycegiz

    leather recliners 3 seater 300 lira 2 seater 300 lira or 500 lira the pair coffe table 75 lira nest of 3 tables 75 lira 3 seater 2 seater 2 arm chairs in gold 400 lira set collect from koycegiz thank you if a moderator could put adds toegether thank you
  3. S

    Pool Tables in Altinkum/Akbuk area?

    Hi - has anyone found a bar/restaurant or other establishment in Akbuk or Altinkum that has a pool table please? My partner and I will get withdrawal symptons if we can't play for a week!!!!! Thanks Sherry
  4. juco

    Time to turn the tables.

    Success should not be decided by bank accounts and job titles! The parasites of the `present day` world are those `names` who are overpaid and contribute nothing to your wellbeing. Here are two lists of `workers` who could you live without, who would you miss most? 1. Dustmen taking the...
  5. janA

    Patio/bistro tables for sale

    Four patio/bistro type tables for sale with chrome legs, no chairs just surplus tables 40 lira each These tables are for sale in Akyaka, 30 mins from Marmaris
  6. M

    help coffee tables :S

    i am lookın to get a coffee table not anythın fancy an all ı can fınd ıs somethın that resembles ofıce furnıture or jus these lıttle nest of tables unless u are wıllın to pay sılly amounts for them does any here know where ı can get a bargaın or know some 1 floggın 1 or even a joıner who could...
  7. Jillyj

    2 tables and a kitten

    Hi Guys, My friend is selling her tables. The first one is solid dark wood with four chairs, table has a slight defect - 50 ytl And a pine desk table also for 50 ytl, in good condition. And a free kitten looking for a good home, she has taken up residence at her house but cant not stay as...
  8. B

    full size snooker tables

    Hi , just wondering if anyone knows of anyplace in Bodrum area that has full size snooker tables and let a 15 year old play on them? Many thanks Brenda
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