1. M

    solar to battery systems

    Good morning All, im interested in the Solar to battery storage systems can anyone tell me if they have installed this type of system, and if so where in the Fethiye area sells the kits Martin
  2. I

    How to get English TV in Turkey?

    Hi Folks Probably one that has been asked many times, but is there a cost effective way of getting English TV in Turkey. I have to get a TV for my appartment, and if there was a reasonably priced Engish TV option I'd probably look into it. Thanks All..
  3. B

    TV/Satellite systems

    Hi all given the problems everyone appears to be having with the Dream box systems, and not having any desire to sign up to the monthly pay as you go system that residents might choose to have, what do you peeps recommend? We have had the freeview boxes in the past, to no great success, and...
  4. L

    Travel Systems

    Hi does anyone know if Easyjet accept a baby's travel system as hold luggage - the main part will fold but then there will still be the car seat part.
  5. S

    photovoltaic energy systems

    Hi All Can anybody reccomend a Photovoltaic design, supply and Installation company in or around Bodrum ? I am interested in talking to an engineer who can incorperate a photovoltaic system linked to a solar hot water system with the water storage being contained in a megaflow type high...
  6. Phil Johns

    Alarm systems

    Please can anyone in Kusadasi recommend a burglar alarm, parts supplier there, I need parts only but cant find in Didim. please PM with any phone numbers or websites addy's
  7. matty

    Coal Burning Central Heating Systems

    Has anyone got Coal fired central heating in Turkey? As we are considering changing our central heating system which is diesel to a coal burner, but first would like to hear from anyone that knows anything about the system before we change. Thanks in advance Ann :47:
  8. Martyn

    Burglar alarm systems in the UK

    There was a program on TV about car thefts the other day about how newly built cars are so much more secure and harder to steal. Thieves now are stealing the car keys though the letter box using a long pole with a hook on. So i've started double locking the front door at nights and moving the...
  9. R


    :dooh: Urban rail networks in TURKEY ,GAZIPASA Airport and TURKISH TGV -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merhaba , I'm Geography teacher in Paris ad I'mery interested in Urbanism, so if somebody could give a few simple iformations :it would be...
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