1. Tenpin

    Info Motoring - Motorway Toll Roads in Turkey

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. G

    Sewage system in Kalkan

    Hi, we are just about to buy a property in Kalkan and have discovered the villa has a cesspit and is not on the mains sewage system. Is this a problem? We automatically assumed it would be on the main sewage system as it is a completely refurbished building. Any other helpful hints on the buying...
  3. Tenpin

    HGS Toll Road System

    Hi We have the sticker in the window and account we regularly top up so we can use the toll roads, no problems. The question I have is this, has anyone any experience of changing the mobile number associated with the account? We have not found any way to update/change it online. Thanks Garry
  4. C

    Revenue ruling system

    Has anyone used this? General Information | Revenue Administration Unsure if it's ok that I filled the form in English or how long I should expect to wait for an answer.
  5. H

    Is a full system replacement worth it?

    We've had our house and solar water system for 16's started to leak and we have been quoted 2000 lira to replace the hot water tank. In view of the age of the system, we still use the two tank system, would a full replacement be worthwhil from an efficency perspective ? How much more...
  6. immac

    Hydroponic System

    Toying with the idea of hydroponic vegetable growing for next year. Anyone done anything with such systems. Eventually found suppliers in Turkey that will sell kits. Still makes them the most expensive vegetables in the country, but perhaps a bit of fun. Ian
  7. immac

    Music On Tannoy System

    I have recently had the Beledir tannoy system ( loudspeakers) set up across the road. Usually announces funerals of the day. Annoying, but bearable, despite it being technology from the stone age. This morning they have started playing music!!!!! What is going on? Is somebody dead? Ian
  8. S

    If Erdogan gains a presidential system....

    by popular referendum, will there be a military coup within the chain of command? I think so....because part of the constitutional change involves civilianizing the military and placing it under the control of the presidency......also, according to Ahmet zeki ucok, the constant violence in...
  9. juco

    Anyone understand the benefits system?

    If you were on some means tested benefit which allowed no more than £16k in your bank account and your bank account was sitting at £15999 and then you got paid your heating allowance of £200 which would take your savings to £16199 would they refuse your benefit and therefore in effect take back...
  10. A

    Descaling hot water system

    Has anyone descaled their hot water system? Is there a product similar to Fernox available here? Thanks.
  11. Ian2006

    Water Tank - Single Tank System

    Came out a couple of weeks ago for a few month - last week noticed water coming from the little header tank and as we are in a block of four we are never sure whose tank was whose so our English site manager called out the usual site plumber who I personally don't like and don't usually use...
  12. TNT123

    Britain’s Insane Immigration System

    It’s about the insanity of Britain’s dysfunctional immigration system. United agreed to pay Sporting Lisbon £16 million two weeks ago to secure the services of the Argentine defender Marcos Rojo. However, he has not played in any of the club’s opening fixtures because he is experiencing...
  13. hijo

    Phillips suround system..

    ...... good quality Phillips suround system..4 speakers.... DVD player... remote.. etc ..200 Tl..
  14. KEDDI

    New solar panels system

    Hello everybody, Our solar panels system to get hot water is too old and need to be changed Knowing how things are, your advices would be very much appreciated We'like to find a reliable company for this type of work around Didim/Altinkum as the bill will be quite substantial for us all in...
  15. S

    security system help

    is there anyone on the forum that has a Flas(h)(sorry, don't have Turkish keyboard) security system? I've been told they have gone out of business and I need directions on how to change to a new security code. If anyone can walk me through it please PM, or if someone knows of an English speaking...
  16. W

    Lpg system problem

    I am looking for recommendations re a good reliable auto electrician and/or a good reliable LPG auto mechanic in the Didim/Bodrum area. . I have a supposed top of the range Prins LPG system fitted to my car .On the drive over, the system developed a fault whereby it would switch over from gas...
  17. A

    Uk Tv New System installed called blade

    A friend of mine has just purchased a brand new idea for watching uk tv via the internet its called blade ,, "Live English tv through your internet. She is really pleased with it . The box has all the English channels including sports channels which are extra Just plug it in to your tv and you...
  18. A

    Sewer System In Akbuk

    Hi folks, Have you seen this? Akbuk News 2013 Alistair
  19. S

    Lawn Pop-Up Sprinkler System

    Does anybody know whether there is anywhere in Datca that sells pop-up watering systems for lawns? Thanks
  20. teosgirl

    Turkish school system and the Islamification of Turkey

    I should have perhaps added 'part 2' to the title, as I think we've discussed this topic before. I was recently saddened to see that our local government boarding school has been turned into an Imam Hatip. The government boarding school is home to kids who can't live at home, either for...
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