1. bickern

    Scotland to switch to driving on the right if they achieve independence

    Seeking to capitalise on the arguments this week about "bullying" England and keeping the pound, they will unveil an ambitious scheme to scrap the current – English inspired – road signage system. M for motorway will be replaced with a new S – for Scotland and the A trunk roads will become N...
  2. ted j

    Lights switch for pool

    When we got here , the heavy rain (and the crap silicone the builders used) had taken their toll on the pump room ...it was flooded right up to the brim , luckily, we had taken the pump out when we left last time, but the electrics were all underwater Rather than do it myself (I had enough to...
  3. R

    Can I switch Turkish win XP to english?

    Got a hand me down from the inlaws. Its a huge gaming computer. Uses WIN xp. Can I change it to english or do I have to install a new OS?
  4. H

    Trip Switch

    Has anyone experienced this problem with their electric mains box? The main trip switch goes off often, not the individual trip switches, but the main one and stays off. We have had the electrician out several times. He is very professional and was highly recommended. He has changed the...
  5. A&P

    Aydem -switch to 3 times tariff online... Help please!

    Has anyone successfully managed to switch from the standard one rate tariff, to the 3 times tariff online? I have tried without success to 'find' a way to this, any help or assistance (direct link/form filling in English) would be gratefully appreciated. We have queued /waited, for a couple...
  6. niyaz

    Main a/c single switch

    Hi , i have a main a/c on/off switch which is 20 amps at my place in Dalaman. It trips after 2 or 3 days. When no appliance is on it still trips. I got the electrician over and he replaced another one and it still trips. Non of the electrical switches in the house ever trip. Just the main one...
  7. A

    Router - Switch off or not?

    I have heard from others on this forum(who know a lot more than me about computers) that some switch their router off when not in use while others keep it on. What are the pros and cons of both? Derek.
  8. juco

    Remote PC kill switch,big brother

    So they (government) could now turn off your PC Remote ‘kill switch’ added to Intel’s newest processor
  9. bickern

    The great switch off: Thousands of speed cameras set to be scrapped

    Britain’s network of 6,000 speed cameras could be dramatically reduced after a raft of councils looked set to follow Oxfordshire’s move and switch theirs off. The county’s entire network of 72 cameras will be switched off at midnight tonight after the coalition Government pulled the plug on...
  10. Martyn

    Who makes you turn off(or switch channels) the tv?

    Who turns you off tv? You know the sort of person as soon as you see or hear them causes you to switch off, over or walk out the room. It will be interesting as the people that cause me to do that probably are other peoples favourites. These are the ones I can think of initially: Jonathon...
  11. ceemac

    Turkey to Switch to Standard Time

    This is a good example of why there is often utter confusion in the country we love! 'Turkey is set to roll the clocks back by one hour and switch to standard time on Oct. 25 despite the fact that the Ministry of Energy had announced there would be no change after the springtime adjustment and...
  12. Struggs

    Cafe Switch Coffee

    A strange looking double pod wrapper which you have to "pump" with your thumbs to create a frothy coffee concentrate. You then add hot or cold water or milk for a rich tasty coffee or a cold "iced" coffee. http://www.cafeswitch.com/switch
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