1. A

    Retiling a swimming pool

    Hi all, Can anyone give an approx cost to retile a swimming pool with mosaics? Looking at 2020 prices... or has anyone had this done who wouldn't mind giving us the cost? Size approx 6 metres by five with a 1.8 depth. Many thanks all!
  2. Kedi Yavrusu

    Swimming pool

    Has anyone had a swimming pool built? If so who did you use and roughly how much did it cost? Thanks
  3. willip

    Swimming pool tax

    We’ve been informed that it’s possible we have to start paying a tax for having a swimming pool on our site Sunset bay, an inspector is coming out on Tuesday to measure up the pool plus flat underneath area as the tax amount will be charged on this. Has anyone else heard about this or started...
  4. A

    Swimming pool - cost

    Evening everyone: just wondering has anybody had a swimming pool installed recently in the dalaman area? I know it will be difficult to give costings as there will be lots of variables. However, any examples of costs/sizes? Any recommendations?
  5. S

    Heated swimming pool in hotel

    Does anyone know of any hotels or apartments that have an indoor heated swimming pool in the Alanya vicinity. And open now and the winter months?
  6. dearsley

    Swimming pool

    Hi Does anyone have experience of building a swimming pool from scratch (or possibly renovating an old pool)? I have been in touch with one Kusadasi based company but want a second quote. Thanks for any help you can give. George
  7. mafalda

    Swimming competition at Iztuzu beach

    Good morning, For the early risers who do not already know: there is an international swimming competition at Iztuzu beach today, which starts at 11:00. Apparently, there will be free boats to the beach between 08:30 and 09:30 and returning at 14:30. Prize giving will take place at the square...
  8. A

    Warming the swimming pool water.

    Not an original idea but I was wondering if anyone has done this and what were their experiences? A coil of 50 or so metres of 1/2 inch black hose pipe. Lay it in the sun and with a pump (preferably) solar powered. Pump the pool water through the system and back into the pool. Would it then...
  9. T

    Swimming pool contractor Aydin area

    Hi, I'm from Denmark but living in Aydin centrum. Playing with the idea of an indoor swimmingpool. Does anyone know of any professional contractors in the area? Not just any builder, someone that knows what there is to know about swimmingpools :-)
  10. R

    Swimming Pools

    Having read about illegal swimming pools recently. It seems that developers just built them with no planning permission and then when people tried to get habitation they are told the pool should not have been built surely it is the builder who flouted these laws who should put it right and bear...
  11. A

    Swimming Pool planning permission

    We have 16 apts in our complex and just found out our pool is illegal 15 of us want the planning permission and license for the pool but 1 turkish man dosent Do we need 100 per cent to do this or is there anyway we can do it without his vote x
  12. S

    Swimming pools ?

    I have a question about testing the purity of swimming pools having steered clear of them in the past preferring to swim in the sea. Is there a quick way to test a pool to see its clean as will be having kids to entertain over this summer and one is prone to ear infections etc. can someone...
  13. S

    Cost for a new swimming pool in Hisaronu

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my current swimming pool (deeper and bigger with steps into the pool). Can anyone recommend a builder for the Hisaronu/Fethiye area and give me an idea of the costs involved?
  14. S

    French, german, piano, and kid swimming course urla

    Hi, I would like to get some infos about courses. Is there any german, french course in urla area? Also i'm looking for piano lesson and swimming for my kid. Thanks in advance.. Shirly
  15. J

    Intex swimming pool

    has anyone seen the large 3/4mtr plastic pools for sale anywhere in bodrum? Had a look in metro a week ago, but they never had them, maybe it's too early? Thanks jan :474cu:
  16. J

    Swimming pool

    hi can anyone help , got pool filled up last year first time , and was charged €500 for tankers water seemed a lot . Need to fill again , do you have to have tankers or can you fill from own water supply . Pool is approx 800 cu metres so need 800000 litres of water . Thanks
  17. J

    Swimming pool maintenance

    had our pool maintained last year very expensive as it was our first year, we just went along with the company recommended . Now we are here full time we would like to find a more realistic price . Does anyone know roughly what the charges are, it is a private pool . Thanks
  18. S

    Hair and swimming costumes going green from pool

    Hi Can anyone advise how to sort out a problem of hair and swimming costumes going green in the swimming pool please? Only been happening the last couple of weeks. Is this anything anyone else has been experiencing in Dalaman recently? Thanks in advance for any help or advise given.
  19. hayabusa

    Swimming Pool Chemicals.

    Hi can anyone advise of any good Swimming Pool out where I can purchase Pool chemicals ?. I was told that there are a few in Fethiye. When my pool was commissioned 2 years ago, the was a chap who came from a company in Fethiye, but did not get his details. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. C

    Swimming with dolphins

    Hi all I wonder does anyone know where you can swim with dolphins in the bodrum area please ? my friend is coming out in the next few weeks and she was wondering if this was possible,also a price if anyone knows,thank you,regards can1
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