1. T

    Sweden to recognise Palestinian state

    Well done Sweden :3: BBC News - Sweden to recognise Palestinian state
  2. juco

    Sweden's Handelsbanken - the publicity-shy bank with a growing empire

    Anyone used this bank. It sounds interesting and I quite like the philosophy behind it. I dont know the interest rates but if similar to UK banks I think I would shift my cash over to them just to P.. off the uk banks as I despise everything about them. Link.... Sweden's Handelsbanken - the...
  3. C

    England v Sweden

    Hi, Does anybody know if any of the channells here in Turkey are showing The England v Sweden match tonight Thanks
  4. newhorizon

    Expat integration in your country

    According to the latest Migration Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), expats face many integration issues when moving abroad. The index ranks 31 countries on how easy they are for expats to integrate into. While among the top ranked countries are Sweden (*Rank 83) and Portugal, the bottom ranked...
  5. P

    Pregnant UK swine flu victim in emergency flight to Sweden

    Pregnant UK swine flu victim in emergency flight to Sweden | Metro.co.uk What is your reaction to this story and the fact an ill UK citizen had to be taken to another country for treatment?
  6. T

    New member from Sweden

    Hi, I am a new member from Sweden. Me and my family are going to Turkey for the first time this summer. We are interested in buying an apartment in Turkey, maybe Altinkum. The max price we can pay is about €30 000. We are of course a bit worried about being cheated or making a bad purchase...
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