1. D

    home swapping!!

    i was wondering if we could get some kind of network going that facilitates home swapping so we can have holidays away with all the comforts--i know a few people would like to see other parts of Turkey and are put off by the expense of hotels and the loss of comforts--it could encapasulate...
  2. D

    house swapping on this site?

    we were discussing on a thread about starting a swapping thread so people can see more of turkey by swapping homes--i dont know how to start stickies or where this should be placed!

    Book swapping

    Hi, I'm an avid reader (own hundreds of books and thousands of Ebooks). Used to spend a substancial amount of money each month on Amazon and other Ebooks websites. It quickly became an expensive pastime, so I started looking for an alternative. That's when I heard about Book Swapping. There are...
  4. Karyn UK

    Home swapping

    Whilst wandering round the net this morning I found an article on home swaps and how they help avoid the dreaded chain scenario. Deal Direct and Avoid the Chain I couldn't find the website listed in the article - temporarily crashed I think - but I did find another one that did international...
  5. Duke

    Swapping Properties between Members?

    Hello All, An idea came to me today as most of us dont know what other areas in Turkey are like why dont we exchnge properties with each other so we can experience those areas for no extra cost??? Also we could also swop other things??????? None of that you perverts!!! Its only an idea...
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