1. Mushtaq

    Turkey flight suspension

    In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Turkey has announced that flights between Turkey and the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE will be cancelled from 8am (local time) on 17 March. You should check with your airline before travelling. Flights between Turkey...
  2. G

    Suspension of TTNET

    Has anyone experience of freezing their internet from TTNET while in UK? I spend roughly 6 months in Turkey( 2 periods of 3 months) and 6 months in UK. I spoke to TTNET Contact Centre about another issue and girl asked if I wanted internet"frozen". I was aware of facility but never really...
  3. L

    Tapu suspension.

    Hi, can anyone tell me if the suspension of tapu issue to foreigners is still in place. thanks
  4. P

    suspension of tapu

    we are due out in turkey in 2 weeks as our new villa will be ready. The only problem is not being able to get the tapu due to them suspending foreign sales.Not had a problem with anything so far but worried as we have furnished the house on our last visit but will we be able to stay in it if we...
  5. P

    Tapu - Temporary Suspension

    Hello, For reasons too numerous to mention we have been trying to get our Tapu for years now, on our property. We thought we were now almost there, but believe it or not about 2 years ago, we were even closer than we are now, so we will not believe it until we see it! However our solicitor who...
  6. Martyn

    Four match suspension for Ferdinand

    Look like the FA took a dim view of his appeal and added an extra game. Ferdinand handed four match ban - Premier League, Football - The Independent
  7. P

    Has the Tapu suspension made you reconsider your involvement with Turkey?

    With the effects of the Tapu suspension still hanging over property owners and buyers alike, I wondered if this has made anyone reconsider their involvement with Turkish property? Maybe some people will see this latest development as a good time to call time on their property investment and...
  8. C

    Suspension On Foreign Sales (Again) - V Important to prospective buyers !!! That was the first thread started by Sherrie.. a few weeks ago. Since then we have spoken to 3 reliable sources in Altinkum about the situation. (One of the parties is actually an estate agent) The feedback we get is that it is still...
  9. P

    Suspension on foreign sales

    Interestingly no one has written anything about this topic. Real estate sales to foreigns are supended as of today in Didim. Tomorrow we will have a clear answer from Title deeds office. If they say suspension will continue untill a new law passes, that means we will wait around 2 months for...
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