1. mollag

    Usual suspects ?

    An investigation of the hating folk who inhabit the internet, "do badders" using their own strange language, Can you spot any parallels to Forum members? Just sayin :blink:
  2. B

    New Lockerbie suspects.

    Two new Lockerbie bombing suspects identified - BBC News This could be an interesting development in the Lockerbie case. Bill.
  3. bickern

    British terror suspects can be stripped of their citizenship

    The Home Secretary has announced a last-minute change to the Immigration Bill so British terror suspects can be stripped of their citizenship, even if it leaves them stateless. It comes as the Government faces a significant backbench rebellion later as Conservative MPs call for tougher measures...
  4. Squeaky

    Van criminal court arrests three ┼×emdinli suspects

    Good afternoon: It is great to see that the judiciary are finally getting around to correcting the actions of some of the previous courts - Van criminal court arrests three ┼×emdinli suspects - Van criminal court arrests three ?emdinli suspects The alleged ringleader is also mentioned in...
  5. Squeaky

    New limits on period of arrest could release thousands of Turkish suspects

    Good morning: Accused murderers and others are applying for release from prison following newly implemented changes to the criminal code that limit the amount of time suspects can remain under arrest prior to conviction. New limits on period of arrest could release thousands of Turkish suspects...
  6. S

    Turkey nabs Al Qaeda suspects

    BBC News - Turkey police arrest 120 al-Qaeda suspects
  7. SuperBogs

    Suspects in NY jihad plot due in court

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York's mayor and police chief sought to calm Jewish worshipers on Thursday, the morning after authorities said they foiled a plot to blow up two synagogues and simultaneously shoot down military planes. Four men arrested in the suspected plot were due to appear in...
  8. Mushtaq

    Ergenekon suspects may face life imprisonment if convicted.

    From Today's Zaman More here I'm no expert in these matters, but does that mean things cold get back to 'normal' if the government can manage these crises, or we looking at further upheaval if they have got it wrong and try to take...
  9. Ms Who


    Yesterday Mu went off in a convoy to Aydin Hospital to visit an inlaw and I had a lazy day at my mates house. With Mu in the car are Uncles Hassan and Husseyin and cousins Yilmaz and Raseed as the family goes on mass for hospital visits! They are all hungry when they leave the hospital and Mu...
  10. Mushtaq

    Bombing in Turkey: Usual Suspects or Military Action?

    A small bomb detonated in the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul, Turkey, on June 10, injuring at least 14 people. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, though the bombing bears the earmarks of the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), a separatist splinter group that most often attacks during the...
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