1. juco

    Confused CCTV v Home surveillance

    From what I can gather you can film in public places and it is not illegal in the UK. We are also on CCTV many times a day in town centers etc. Yet if I film someone outside my property on a home surveillance system that violates data protection. Anyone know the specific legalities of all this?
  2. bickern

    Türk Telekom surveillance plans unacceptable

    Looks like new equipment has been bought and installed ready for whatever they want to snoop on. Lets face it Türk Telekom won't be the actual snoopers. ------------------------------------------ Ten civil society organizations made a statement on Wednesday drawing attention to alleged...
  3. newhorizon

    Police Surveillance of Muslims set up with no regard for the law

    As reported in today's Guardian: Police surveillance of Muslims set up with 'no regard for law' A secret police operation to place thousands of Muslims living in Birmingham under permanent surveillance was implemented with virtually no consultation, oversight or regard for the law, a report...
  4. G

    Bodrum to go under Surveillance!

    Hi - Heard about the recent Notice by the Local Bodrum Governor re the installation of surveillance cameras on residential complexes on the Peninsula. Anybody got any info?
  5. ceemac

    Ankara to curtail military surveillance powers

    Erdogan's really squeezing the military now? 'The Turkish government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is to limit the power of the military to monitor and intervene in civilian affairs by tearing up a long-standing protocol, Turkish media reported Thursday.' Here C
  6. KKOB

    Surveillance Britain 2

    Read the document Governing Britain - New Proposals Check the date at the foot of the page.
  7. KKOB

    Surveillance Britain 1

    Is this how it's going to be ? Turn your sound on and click the link. American Civil Liberties Union :
  8. merlin

    Surveillance Cameras to Keep an Eye on Istanbul....

    Istanbul Bus Terminal has been included into the surveillance system that covers the city. The identity of everyone arriving in Istanbul will be detected through surveillance cameras. "Five million cameras are used in London for security. Istanbul has for the time being 570 cameras. We have...
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