1. W

    long term rental akbuk or surrounding area

    my wife and I are looking for a furnished or part furnished 3bed apart/villa long term min. 1 year in akbuk or open to suggestions on area:
  2. suzyq

    Day Tripping Izmir and Surrounding Areas

    Let's face it -- ─░zmir, right in the middle of Turkey's Aegean coast, is one hell of a big city. So if you're heading from north to south or vice versa you're going to have to decide what to do about it -- factor in the time for a visit or give it a wide berth? Personally, I think that it's...
  3. maggie

    Electricity Maintenance in Didim and surrounding areas .

    AYDEM ANNOUNCED S?X-HOUR POWER OUTAGE IN D?D?M | Didim Fla? Haber Advanced notice Hugs maggie xx
  4. J

    weather in mersin and surrounding area

    Well the last 24 hours was in one way the most spectacular storm and rainfall ive seen for many many years but it also has to be the worst for my area. Electric supply in and surrounding villages in mersin was off for most of the day, and flooding was devasting. On 2 occasions during the day i...
  5. J

    things to do in Yalikavak and surrounding areas and dolmus prices

    :77wu:hello could you tell me how much it would cost from Yalikavak to altinkum on the dolmus, as i will be staying there at the end of july but would like to see ephesus.. Also could you tell me of anywhere that would be good to go? for families, days out that sort of thing, around Yalikavak...
  6. T

    Flamingo Golf Resort and surrounding developments

    Hello I own a property in Flamingo Golf Resort where development has been delayed like most other developments in this area. Has anyone else bought here or nearby Vita Park Golf Resort and how has your experience been, any info would be appreciated and feel free to contact me.
  7. Carolyn

    Maps of Fethiye and surrounding areas

    I think I know the answer to this question before I ask it, but I'll ask anyway, just in case anything has changed! Is it possible to get detailed maps of Fethiye and surrounding areas (i.e. OS type)? We do a lot of walking and would like to do a lot more. Mike has a handheld GPS system but a...
  8. YogiPJ

    Pet Cremation (in Bodrum or surrounding area?)

    Hi My cat Charlie is very sick. He is at the vets overnight but I have been told he may not make it through :-( I have had him nearly 11 years and just a cat to some people, he is my world. Im devastated but added to this I have found out that pet cremation is not available in Turkey? Is...
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