1. M

    Entering Turkey with a new passport and new surname?

    Hei everybody. I have a problem: I have changed my sirname and thus changed my passport, BUT I can not find my old passport anywhere. How will this afflict to my still valid visa for Turkey? Will they be able to see that I am me?? By the way - thank you for a very nice site with good questions...
  2. H

    can i change my surname ın the red book

    i want to know pls.. ı have problem wıth my name ın marraıge red book . i am forıgner and my hubsand is turk.. ı had mıstake ın my name . so ı want to know ıf ı wantto fix ıt.. how long wıl ıt take. they say ı must go mke mahkama.. myhusband says ıt so long procedure and ıt can take aorund year...
  3. ceemac

    Women's Fight for Surname

    Under Turkish Civil Code Article 187, it is stipulated that women take their husband's last name after marriage. They are allowed to keep their maiden name before the newly acquired one if they wish to, but they can't refuse to take their husband's last name. Here C
  4. G

    Seeking Surname info: Yamankal (?)

    I am 40 years old and adopted. I recently found my birth mother. She gave me a picture of my birth father which she has not seen or heard from since 1966. He was living in Turkey at the time and sent her a picture signed...Yasar Yamankal. I'm thinking the spelling is off as an internet...
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