1. bickern

    Nurses will be trained to perform SURGERY

    Nurses will be trained to perform SURGERY under radical plan to slash NHS waiting times and tackle looming crisis of ageing population Under the proposal, the qualified nurses will be responsible for procedures including the removal of hernias, benign cysts and some skin cancers. They will...
  2. Jaycey

    Bypass Surgery

    "Stents and bypass surgery are no more effective than drugs for stable heart disease, highly anticipated trial results show Some of the most common invasive heart procedures in America are no better at preventing heart attacks, hospitalizations and death in patients with stable heart disease...
  3. K

    Surgery at Istanbul hospitals

    Hi, I want to ask you please if anyone had gastric sleeve surgery or other surgery at Erdem Hospital or any other Istanbul hospitals? I will be most grateful if you can share any information or advices Thank you
  4. S

    Cataract Surgery in Turkey

    Happy New Year Everyone! Just wondering if anyone has experience of cataract surgery in the Bodrum area. Private treatment in the UK is exorbitant and I also need an adjustment for a slight astigmatism which the NHS would not do. I know the healthcare in Turkey can be second to none and...
  5. immac

    New GP Surgery Calis

    A doctor from Fethiye Letoon Hospital (I think) has struck out on his own to open a GP Surgery in Calis/Akarca. Seems like a nice chap. Brand new surgery with consulting rooms, treatment and laboratory facilities. If you want to register go along and fill out a form in English. Dr Ali Bigonah...
  6. ted j

    Had my surgery today

    As planned, I had my surgery this afternoon , it was Cubital tunnel transposition (freeing trapped Ulnar nerves in both elbows which made both ring fingers and pinky fingers tingly and numb) It has been getting progressively worse over the last few weeks , so I was glad it's now done I went to...
  7. G

    plastic surgery in Izmir, Turkey?

    Hi anyone know a good plastic surgeon for mini face lift in Izmir please?
  8. A

    Laser eye surgery around Altinkum?

    Could anyone tell me if there is any place in Altinkum that does laser eye surgey or in surrounding area thanks.
  9. beyazbayan

    Revolutionary knee surgery

    Surgeons finally win the Battle of Wounded Knee: Revolutionary new operation to repair joint uses ligament nobody knew existed until six months ago İ have so many friends who may benefit. Read more: New operation to repair knee joint uses ligament nobody knew existed | Mail Online Follow...
  10. E

    Refractive Lens Replacement in Turkey?

    Good day everyone. Just a question for those who may have had experience. I guess its an age thing but my eye sight isn't what it used too be and having gone for a consultation I have an option of eye surgery or more specifically reflective lens replacement. My knowledge of the Turkish health...
  11. A&P

    Cosmetic Surgery Fethiye area?

    We are having a friend visit, in August who would be interested in some cosmetic surgery (facelift). Can anyone recommend a top surgeon in the Fethiye area, additional information on costs etc would be very helpful. Ta
  12. Duke

    Eye Laser & Minor Plastic surgery

    Hi Folks even though Ive posted a lot over the years Ive never mastered starting a New Topic so forgive me if this is the wrong place ... Maybe a Moderator can move it to a suitable place???? A very good friend of mine a lady who will be 50 years old in May wants to get her eyes Lasered & the...
  13. M

    Hip replacement surgery in Turkey

    Does anyone know the approxiamate cost of a hip replacement in a turkish hospital? (not a private one) Thanks in advance:)
  14. N

    PLASTIC SURGERY in fethiye such as laser eye surgery

    now that I have got rid of the stresses of uk life need to get some repairs done lol:flame::36le: I saw an eye surgery place advertised on the front of land of light 2 weeks ago anyone actually had any cosmetic surgery done be brave l iam also looking for a cosmetic dentist too PM me if you...
  15. A&P

    Laser eye surgery in Bodrum?

    Hi all. We are visiting Bodrum in May/June for a holiday and are seeking advice on (long sighted) laser eye surgery performed in the Bodrum area. Does anyone know of any clincs/hospitals which provide this ? Any info about the service, price and contact details would be brill. Thanks!
  16. D

    Laser Eye surgery in Turkey

    Just wondering if any members have any experiences of laser eye surgery in Turkey. My friend would like to have her done in Izmir and has been in touch with various clinics asking about costs. The clinics are reluctant to quote prices and I think this may be done to the fact that until she has...
  17. Mushtaq

    Private Heart bypass surgery in Turkey?

    I have been asked to find out about possibility of having a heart bypass surgery for someone who is waiting for appointments on the NHS. Just looking at alternatives and they said what about Turkey, I have searched and there are few hospitals in Istanbul that offer this. Has anyone had this...
  18. Mirazz

    Refractive Lens Eye Surgery in Turkey

    Has anyone had corrective surgery on their eyes ie. laser, lens exchange etc? I am thinking of having the lens exchange. It's the same type of procedure as a cataract operation, you take the lens out and replace it with a good one. The only difference is that the lens they take out is clear...
  19. perfect1949

    cosmetic surgery would you have it

    i was in yalikavak yesterday talking to this gorgeous woman , that was with her husband . and she was telling me that she had this and that done to herself , and it cost her thousands of pounds . i must admit looking at her i think it was money well spent . but not seeing the before i have...
  20. L

    Non Cosmetic Surgery?

    Hey guys, I'm after a wee bit of maybe botox/fillers when I visit Marmaris. I've heard it's cheaper than UK. Can anyone reccommend anyone/place? Thanks a bunch Lees x
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