1. Jaycey

    Surfing problems

    HELP! I'm having problems surfing the net - advice please.
  2. janA

    For Sale - Kite surfing equipment

    Advertising for a friend.Kite Surfing equipment, all nearly new, Gaastra force 8.00 m Rhino pro/g 12.00 m North Rhino 12.00 m Gaastra Mar 16.00 m those are kite's Kite board (Naish) 5'3 inch/159 cm 2x control bar (Gaastra) (Prolimit mach 2) Harnfess (Radsails) Life jacket (Brunotti) ankle leash...
  3. gizmo

    Surfing the net in europe

    (Reuters) - Almost a quarter of the European Union's 500 million people have never used the Internet and there is a widening division between the web-savvy north of Europe and the poorer south and east, figures released on Wednesday showed. More than half the population of Romania and just...
  4. Leo

    Kite Surfing in Side

    Hi All, We are here at our place in Side at the moment. Kids back home want to come and visit - but want me to search for kite surfing in the area. Can anyone help with any info. Cheers Leo.
  5. ICF

    Sat on the beach surfing lol

    I'm sat on the beach at three brothers surfing the net not the waves. Just thinking about beer and food in that order lol
  6. Bubskar

    Baking n TLF surfing .....

    ........ is a recipe for disaster - being nosey on TLF - I've overcooked me, otherwise, perfect scones that were in the oven!!! Will pass them off to friends as Rock Cakes instead - is that cheating ???:confused:
  7. ceemac

    Internet Users In Turkey Spend 8 Hours Surfing On Net Per Week

    8 hrs a week?? They obviously didn't study some of you lot :hehe: 'Director General of Google Marketing for Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, Mustafa Icil, said Monday internet users in Turkey spend an average of eight hours surfing on the net per week.' Here C
  8. M

    Kite surfing - looking for a new hobby?

    Looking for a new hobby? Why not try Kite boarding.. It's easy to learn and great fun. Cesme, 45 mins from Izmir, in one of the best locations in Europe for the sport, with excellent conditions for most of the year. Check out this website for advice, rentals and lessons by qualified...
  9. Sweetnighter

    Wind Surfing World Championships

    .......they are to be held in Yalikavak....Summer 2009..good news for Yalikavak!!!....Article in Hurriyet Daily News today(Domestic section).
  10. lorraine

    Kite Surfing

    I spend many hours on the far end of Calis beach watching the Kite surfers, this is fast becoming a very popular sport to the area. The Surfers reach great speeds, the acrobatic are just as mesmerising as actually standing on a board yourself... Yes I have a great imagination. It is not cheap...
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