1. S

    Urgent -Homemade food supply required

    The big girl returns to Ireland this week leaving me abandoned and hungry for next few weeks here in Spain Now our established routine for such occurrences in Turkey was she would make and freeze many dinners prior to her return to the Emerald Isle which she put in plastic boxes in my freezer...
  2. S

    3 phase supply

    Just a quick query If you plugged a normal appliance into a 3 phase supply would it still work or burn out the appliance? Thanks
  3. J

    Mains water supply

    We have not been out to our villa in Koyunbaba Bay since October but when we were last there it seemed that we were close to getting a mains water supply being laid on. The main pipework appeared to have been laid and additional pipework would then have to be laid to the villa complexes. We also...
  4. P

    Electricity supply bill payment..

    Is it possible to go on line to see and pay your bill with Aydem the electricity supply company.
  5. ZiaCa'

    UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

    Does anyone have any experience of using this as a power back up and are there any particular brands/features to look out for? I'd be looking at backing up Modem and Laptop in case of a powercut. Does anyone know where to buy one in Fethiye and approx. how much they are? Thanks!
  6. S

    Changing electric from builders to own name

    I'm told our place is still on builders power and that we need to transfer to the local electricity company. How do we do this and where in Dalaman is the electricity office. thanks
  7. C

    No water supply in Bodrum Monday 7

    There is no water from 8am-6pm on Monday 7th in Bodrum - announced by the Bodrum Belediye. So not whole peninsula, just town and ...Torba? :46:
  8. S

    Water supply

    I don't know if anyone can help but we have a problem with our water pipes and a dispute over who is legally responsible. We have a supply of village water coming from the mains pipe, it splits in two with our neighbour, in our neighbours garden. He has switched his off and uses his well but...
  9. H

    Illegal Water Supply?

    Can anyone offer advice? We own two villas just off the Yesilkent Road, it is "suggested" that several villas in the area have had their water supplies illegally tapped off a pipe installed by a builder for two villas he built, those villas are currently without water and the owner is claiming...
  10. mollag

    Electrical kit supply

    Does anyone know of an electrical equipment supply firm in the Bod area, thinking more like a wholesaler rather than Koc Tas. Looking for timers, mcb's, bus bars etc stuff the retail shops dont stock. Cheeers :blowkiss:
  11. R

    Poor Electricity Supply

    Hi, Had a quick look at previous threads but couldn't find anything relevant. When we put on our air-con, or anything else that requires a decent amount of power, the lights go very dim and everything slows down. When I have the oven on and the aircon unit the hi-fi and tv have even switched...
  12. val2661

    How do I get electricity supply put on??

    Hi everyone I bought land in 2006 and now have a 98% completed villa built on it. I paid in full for the villa build in November 2007 and although there is still work to be done to the outside of the property the builder has walked off site and is ignoring my calls. My problem is how do I get...
  13. mollag

    Paraffin Supply

    Would anyone know where i could buy heater paraffin in the Bodrum area? Lamp oil is paraffin but buyuk bucks when buying by the litre. Cheers :thanks:
  14. Sweetnighter

    Mains gas supply to Bodrum Peninsular

    Has anyone ever heard anything about the possibilities of a gas mains supply on the Bodrum Peninsular or will this just never happen?
  15. Sweetnighter

    Ipragas supply

    An unforseen expense when buying my apartment in Yalikavak was when the developer asked me for £375-ish as a "refundable deposit" for Ipragas supply/connection for central heating/hot water and cooker,(we are being supplied from a huge gas tank adjacent to the Sitesi) Anyone have similar...
  16. D

    Water Supply

    Does anyone know if Certain areas of Turgutreis are having one day on , one day off water supply? And can anyone tell me the cost of installing a water holding tank on the roof? my appartment is situated just up from Gima on Turgat Ozal Cad. Many thanks.
  17. Mag

    Gas Supply Deposit

    We have just been asked to pay a 500ytl deposit for the gas to our apartment by the caretaker. As far as I am aware the gas tank that supplies the block has been filled by one of the permanent residents. As each apartment has it's own meter I assumed that we would only pay for what we would...
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