1. H

    Pool tile suppliers

    Hi Trying to source some replacement tiles for our pool as I need to remove the top approx 30cm of tiles on one part of the pool and I doubt they can be removed in one piece. Pool is in Kalkan, looking for online or local suppliers with a good range of pool tiles. thanks
  2. S

    bathroom fitting suppliers in fethiye

    Hi there, If anybody could kindly suggest retailers that supply and install shower fittings in Fethiye it would be hugely appreciated Cheers
  3. ted j

    Energy suppliers in the UK

    Had a new central heating system put in (old boiler was goosed and wouldn't have lasted the winter,so figured it'd help with our house being up for sale) I'd worked out the Electric and gas before the latest bill came, off the last bill (npower) When this one came, pleasant surprise. HM Gov...
  4. C

    Floor Tile Suppliers : Any suggestions

    I am looking to purchase some new floor tiles to replace some aging laminate floors in our villa and wonder whether anyone has got any good suggestions for a good place to look for them. I have searched all the big DIY outlets along the main Bodrum road going towards Ortakent but have been a...
  5. L

    Electricity Suppliers

    Are there different suppliers of electricity in Turkey? We are in the Fethiye area
  6. M

    Hot Tub Suppliers

    Firstly sorry for the double post ( also posted in the swimming pool section of the forum) But thought I might get more response here. We are looking for any hot tub manufacturers/suppliers in Turkey, preferably in the Bodrum area. I think I recall spotting one on the main Bodrum highway...
  7. P

    Uvpc suppliers

    I wonder if anyone can help me please. I'm looking for names of shops that supply Upvc windows and doors in the Marmaris area. Thanks Penny
  8. M

    Jewellery making suppliers in Fethyie

    My hobby is making bead jewellery and whilst on holiday in Kusadasi last September, I stumbled upon a fab shop selling loads of beautiful beads, stones and gems- the result being I spent a small fortune! I'm coming to Olu Deniz in June and Fethyie in September and wondered if anyone knew if...
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