1. S

    Mentions of Turkish Supermarkets & Restaurants in UK

    May I humbly suggest that you add one or two threads for Turks living in the UK (or Brits with Turks living in the UK) of the best (1) Turkish Supermarkets - where Turkish products can be found, you would need to give the location as well as a rating system, like stars, maybe one to five. (2)...
  2. Fran Dessop


    Okay, out tomorrow. Late arrival, up to Gulluk for shopping... so where and which is the best supermarket? (Me, hubby & 4 year old boy) we are going shopping on Friday. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  3. D


    Hi there we are of to Yalikavak in August and have rented a villa, but we cannot drive, is there a large supermarket in yalikavak or close by many thanks
  4. C

    Need help with Supermarkets

    Hi all, We are spending two weeks in Konakli in August. My wife has to follow a gluten free diet. We can get by in restaurants but wondered are there any supermarkets like Tesco and Asda, in Konakli or Alanya that sell Gluten free products?
  5. D

    Supermarkets in Marmaris

    Which is the best supermarket to shop in for quality and good value, in Marmaris? :thanks:
  6. T

    Supermarkets on-route from Dalaman to Dataca

    Can anyone please advise; driving from Dalaman to Datca, does the road pass any large supermarkets en route or is a detour required?
  7. val2661

    Dia supermarkets

    Well after months of watching and waiting what it will be, the new shop near to my apartment is going to be a DIA supermarket. As I have not seen any of these in any area of Alanya can any member enlighten me as to what we can expect to be able to buy from here. Is it on a par with BIM or more...
  8. Tkebap


    2 new supermarkets have opened this week in Koycegiz 100 yards from each other, Sok on the roundabout and Sevigulu ? has replaced the Japanese offices.
  9. F


    Just a quick bit of info DIA have just opened a mini market in Borum cant rememember the address now will post that later but any way as you come out of the bottom exit of the Bus station HSBC ATM cabin on righthand side turn left cross over traffic lights short walk 2 mins on righthand side (...
  10. D

    Cheap Bars And Supermarkets and changes

    :28: Hi, Im new to this site, we will be returning to Altinkum in June last time was about 12 years ago we have heard its grown in size a lot , as im a bit of a penny watcher - is there any cheap bars to start the night off and as we are selfcatering what is the best supermarket ? Great site...
  11. ICF

    Any big supermarkets?

    Are there any big supermarkets like Migros in or near YALIKAVAK
  12. R


    I have looked for a post on this but cant find one. Going out to Dalaman to stay in our apartment on the 26th of July for two weeks can any one tell me are there any supermarkets that will collect you/drop you back to your apartment or any that do home deliveries ? thankyou for any help Nicola
  13. Joe in Tasucu

    Censorship in supermarkets.

    The new Manic Street Preachers album is being shipped to supermarkets in a plain slipcase because its artwork has been deemed "inappropriate". See BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Supermarkets cover up Manics CD Do you think it is innapropriate? As the band says ""You can have lovely shiny buttocks...
  14. M


    Hi Can anyone tell me where the nearest supermarket to Turquoise can be found? We will need a few things and are a bit wary of renting a car and driving in Bodrum. Will need a supermarket on a bus route so we dont have to carry shopping to far. Any help would be welcome. Mylo:3:
  15. Lindy


    Could someone please let me know what supermarkets/big electical shops are in Dalaman. Many thanks Linda
  16. Jillyj

    Butchers vs supermarkets

    :der: Ok would you say that a supermarkets meat and chicken is more expensive than a butchers here in Bodrum? Because I have found that chicken and meat has gone through the roof here!!!! Who agrees?
  17. maggie


    hi dont think ive read about it on here forgive me if i havennt spotted it.could you tell me which major supermarkets are in altinkum and are there any supermarkets in akbuk at do prices compare between supermarkets?also are there any d.i.y. shops to buy say paving slabs paint etc thanks...
  18. GnD

    Supermarkets inDalaman area

    Does anyone have any recommendations for supermarkets in the Dalaman area. I am assuming that generally things will be cheaper than they are in the UK but I guess I may be wrong. Rgds G
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