1. F

    Chinese/Oriental Supermarket

    Anyone knows of an Oriental/Chinese supermarket in or around Antalya? We live in Fethiye and there doesn't seem to be any Oriental supermarkets nearby. Thank you.
  2. F

    Chinese/Oriental Supermarket

    Love my Chinese/Oriental food even though we'll be eating home made Turkish/ Western food most of the time. Anyone knows of one in Fethiye or nearby towns? Prepared to travel up 100 miles, if necessary to buy ingredients. Alternatively, would like to know if there are any shops stocking such...
  3. butt007

    1E1 supermarket Alanya

    Hi all, went into 1E1 by Dolmus station Sat afternoon for a couple of things. As we walked around we noticed that all the fridges with butter, marg, yoghurt, etc,etc were empty, also the meat counter was empty and the aisle shelves were half empty. Asked the woman at check-out " Was 1E1...
  4. Fran Dessop


    Okay, out tomorrow. Late arrival, up to Gulluk for shopping... so where and which is the best supermarket? (Me, hubby & 4 year old boy) we are going shopping on Friday. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  5. S

    Supermarket oldies

    Now I am old ( both physically and in attitudes) myself but yesterday in Tesco I was thinking to myself " wheres Dr Kevorrkian when you want him" There I was in the queue. Ahead of me an old dear who insisted on discussing at length every item she had bought with the cashier. It gets worse, I...
  6. S

    dia supermarket Altinkum

    Could anyone tell me please if there is a dia supermarket in Altinkum?
  7. N

    24 Hrs Supermarket

    Only 5 more sleeps till Turkey. We land late in the evening & are driving down to Hill View Apartments, does anyone know of a 24Hrs supermarket on the way from Bodrum Airport. Many Thanks.
  8. M

    Supermarket Home Delivery Shopping

    Hi All, two years ago we used Migros very successfully to deliver our home shopping to our house in Akyaka quite a few times whilst we were there. (Ok I admit ordering ice cream was perhaps not sensible.. serves me right !) Last year the website didn't allow anything and now I have revisited...
  9. C

    Turkish Supermarket to open soon in Leeds

    Its a branch of the established Venus Supermarket in Manchester which is a Turkish owned supermarket where you will find most things you can get in Tansas as well as from elsewhere in the middle east and also has an olive counter "to die for"and a bakery which produces simits, baklava and fresh...
  10. A

    New supermarket

    Just been told by my mam and dad that a new supermarket is opening up tomorrow up by the uni in didim. Along the beach road by sahte cennet great news for us and that area
  11. G

    Best supermarket in dalaman and directions

    We are staying at botanic gardens June time and are hiring a car for the day too go get a big shop for the week , where is best that sells stuff including beer , meats etc and directions to it , all comments greatly appreciated thanks xx :24:
  12. K

    New supermarket opening tomorrow

    Macrocenter opens Friday 18 May at 10am, occupying the big new building just before Turkcell on the way down to the seaside from the bus garage. This is part of the Migros group, and is their flagship brand, akin to Waitrose, with a stronger deli \ gourmet range as well as regular lines...
  13. N

    Supermarket near Bodrum Airport

    Hi. I'm a new member to the forum. Am visiting Altinkum for the first time on 13 May. My flight gets in about half 8 in the evening and I am staying self catering so was wondering if anyone can recommend a small supermarket that might be open close to the airport so that I can pick up a few...
  14. pineapple1

    Supermarket Chicken Bugs

    Is nothing safe to heat these days ? Or are people not cooking thier food at to low a tempreture .. I always wash a chicken and clean the insides out and hold it so the water runs through it .. I Don't buy ready cooked chicken .. Never let any other meat nr it and scrub my hands .. What...
  15. K

    New supermarket opening soon

    There is a new branch of the DIA%SA discount supermarket opening just behind the market square, next to the Belediye where the old For You shop used to be. Stock already delivered and fresh fruit & veg stand outside so opening must be imminent. Will be very handy for the likes of us who don't...
  16. newhorizon

    Supermarket Offers on Spirits

    As people like to eat and drink more over the Christmas season I noticed a few offers, (some of which are cheaper than Duty free!) 1 Litre Smirnoff Red Label Vodka £13 at Sainsburys (max 6 per customer) 1 Litre Baileys £12 at Waitrose 1 Litre Bells Scotch Whiskey £17 at Waitrose
  17. S

    New Supermarket

    Gulluk, has another Supermarket just opened, this will give Migros a fright There is now a Kipa Express opened in the new building just down from the Dolmus station Thanks to our friend Mehmet for info and photo We just left Gulluk on the 14th October and there was no sign of movement in the...
  18. willip

    ATM Tancas supermarket

    called into Tansas supermarket in the Bay yesterday and noticed a ATM machine just inside the exit doors, not sure whether it is new but not seen it before. will be handy for some of us that have had to travel to the village to get money out.
  19. kemerkid

    Supermarket Pricing

    I'm looking after myself this week as my wife has gone away for a week with her sister. Anyway I went to Migros today to get some chips, ketchup and mayonnaise. The chips that I prefer were in two sizes 1kg and 2.5kg. 1kg bag 3.40TL 2.5kg bag 10.50TL. 3.40TL x 2.5 = 8.50TL. The mind boggles...
  20. B

    New Supermarket

    Just to let everyone know who might be interested, there's a snazzy new supermarket opened in Bogazici village.:car:
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