1. Freedom 49

    Ray of Sunshine.

    After our Table-Topping this morning, I drove into Manavgat to find a couple of 2016 Diaries and look for a few things to add to my growing collection of donations to take out to Nepal for the schoolchildren. 1st stop, Salı Pazarı, diaries, no problem but they didn't have any of the things that...
  2. stmary

    Sunshine complex

    Hi ,we have seen 2 apartments for sale in sunshine complex , very nice apartments , but we have concerns , does anyone know how they are run , do they have tapu and habitation in place , does anyone live on there and could you please give us a bit of information regarding them ...
  3. Carolyn

    Happy Birthday Sunshine

    Birthday greetings to Sunshine. Have a lovely day.
  4. suzyq

    Brits attracted by sunshine, affordable property in Didim

    What made thousands of English people settle in a not-so-special town in the Aegean? This is the question one might wonder on the way to Didim, which has never been as glamorous as nearby Bodrum or Marmaris in the eyes of Turks. "I care about the tip I get," said the driver from the eastern city...
  5. N

    Waking up to sunshine.

    I just love the beautiful weather we are having in our part of the UK at the moment. It must be wonderful to wake up to sunshine every day, I feel energised and the housework is done and dusted early alowing me to enjoy the rest of the day. The downside to the long sunny days is they remind me I...
  6. N

    flushing with sunshine

    does any one know if you buy a saniflo in fetheyi to aviod that little bin by the loo
  7. F

    Sunshine now a black cloud !

    :splat: Just had an email from Paul and Emma Nesrin is now reffusing to answer phone calls from them and states she will not give them any of the money owed Nur and i feel so sorry for them But im a firm believer i what goes arround comes arround INSALLH !
  8. juco

    Picture of mosque in sunshine

    Took this picture of a mosque on my last visit. Had to wait a little while to get the sun behind the glass dome so it would be illuminated.
  9. tomc1984

    Going to miss sunshine

    Sad that we are going back to UK today, would have said going home but regard Yalikavak as home now. Had a great 2 weeks but all good things must come to an end as they say. Will miss sunshine and good friends. Fantastic meal at Musti's last night with friends as a send off, thanks Musti, Brenda...
  10. newhorizon

    Do you think sunshine makes people more friendly?

    Something I can never get my head around...generally I find people appear more friendly when the sun is shining, but why? If I see the same person walking down the street in Winter, they do not smile or sometimes even avoid making eye contact. Yet when I see the same person in Summer they have...
  11. P

    anyone had problems with sunshine turkish homes?

    anyone had problems with sunshine turkish homes? just wondering at the moment? paul
  12. rosewall1

    Trapped in Sunshine

    Before I start this tread I want to say that I am living in Turkey. Last night on one of the Discovery Channels we found a programme called "Trapped in Sunshine". It was a programme that brought to light some of the horrors of relocating abroad. I have to say that I did not see all of the...
  13. P

    Buying in Sunshine Village near Cesme

    Hi, I am in the process of purchasing an apartment via a company called MidasPLC who have recently finished a development called Sunshine Village. My purchase is near Cesme (The development will be called Peninsula Village nr Morgandon) and I was wondering if anyone cold tell what the area was...
  14. B

    Sunshine Property Management

    After our 15 years experience in Real Estate & Construction market, we have opened our management company called Sunshine Property Management for all your Rental and Property Management needs here in Bodrum, Turkey. Our office is located again in Ataturk Street, Bodrum, just next door to...
  15. Ms Who

    Happy Birtday Sylwia and Sunshine :-)

    Happy Birthday Sylwia and Sunshine :-) Hope you both have a fab day :-) And to anyone else who's birthday it is today too!
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